Corporate Overview And Shareholder Update for Powerbridge Technologies


With 25 years of experience, Powerbridge Technologies Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: PBTS) (“Powerbridge” or the “Company”), is an established provider of a broad spectrum of digital solutions and technology services. The Company’s offerings range from SaaS to ePlatforms and to Smart Devices for global trade, education, travel and leisure, and digital assets. Powerbridge’s clients span a diverse range of global trade and cross-border participants to retail customers and educators. Since listed on Nasdaq, Powerbridge delved into the sectors of metaverse development, AI based education, and cryptocurrency.

Here is a brief overview of Powerbridges corporate history:

  • 2023: Announced plan to further enhance ChatGPT into education services
  • 2023: Acquired majority stake in several high growth technology companies
  • 2022: Engaged in M&A for AI and Blockchain technology companies
  • 2022: Developed metaverse and NFT solutions for several industries
  • 2021: Revealed plans to engage in digital assets for Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • 2020: Developed an IoT platform and smart fixtures and equipment
  • 2019: Listed on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “PBTS”
  • 2019: Began to provide digital solutions across multiple industries
  • 2018: Developed Powerbridge BaaS platform and offerings
  • 2016: Provided Powerbridge SaaS platform for cross-border eCommerce
  • 2014: Launched Logistics Cloud platform and supply chain solutions
  • 2010: Offered cross-border trade and eCommerce platforms
  • 2007: Began to provide technology solutions and services for global trade
  • 2000: Launched China’s first international trade ERP management software
  • 1997: The Company was founded as a software development company

Overall, Powerbridge has a history of innovation and has continued to evolve and adapt to changes in the newest technology and services across multiple industries.

Here is a summary of the Company’s revenues over the past five years:

  • 2021: $32.1 million
  • 2020: $26.6 million
  • 2019: $20.1 million
  • 2018: $23.1 million
  • 2017: $21.6 million

The Company primarily generates revenue through its digital solutions and ePlatforms. These services include:

  • Cross-border eCommerce Platform: Allowing businesses to import and export their products and providing services such as compliance and logistics
  • Logistics Cloud Platform: Providing supply chain management solutions that help streamline operations, optimize inventory, and improve delivery
  • SaaS Solutions: Offering various solutions for international trade and cross-border eCommerce, including data analysis and customer management

Powering New Business Lines

In 2022, the Company expanded its offerings to include metaverse and NFT solutions, demonstrating its continued commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging technologies. In addition, the Company began to explore M&A opportunities in the digital service, AI and Blockchain sectors, which led to the acquisition of majority stakes in several profitable technology companies in 2023.

Looking ahead, Powerbridge has announced plans to further enhance its presence in the education industry by leveraging AI and ChatGPT technologies. The Company also intends to continue its expansion into the digital assets market by engaging in cryptocurrency as part of its overall blockchain development strategy.

Powerbridge is committed to maintaining compliance and corporate governance standards. Stewart Lor, CEO of the Company, an American founder has increased his stake in the Company and assures stakeholders that the Company is unlike some other Chinese companies listed on U.S. exchanges for compliance and corporate governance practices.

With over 20 years of experience, Powerbridge has demonstrated a track record of doing business the right way and growing its business. As the Company looks into the future, Stewart Lor intends to lead and grow Powerbridge into a holding company that operates several leading-edge businesses. He expects the Company’s market capitalization to surpass $1 billion within the next two-to-three years.

With its continued dedication to innovation and emerging technologies, Powerbridge is poised for continued success to deliver long-term value to its shareholders.

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