Spool deploys on Arbitrum One to expand simplified, risk-managed DeFi access for over 2.4 million unique addresses

As Spool deploys on its first layer-2 blockchain, users on Arbitrum One can now build auto-rebalancing and auto-compounding DeFi portfolios with unparalleled customization, risk management, and diversification.

Spool, the DAO platform allowing institutions and users to build seamlessly customizable, risk-managed DeFi yield portfolios, launches on Arbitrum One, its first alternative blockchain to Ethereum mainnet. As the leading layer-2 blockchain in total value locked (TVL), the Arbitrum One integration brings Spool’s Smart Vault creation tool and six strategies to the network’s user ecosystem, which boasts over 2.4 million unique wallets, catalyzing diversified DeFi investment.

DeFi projects have a wide-open space to fulfill crypto’s potential in becoming truly transparent and decentralized. By building stellar products and comprehensive infrastructures that emphasize freedom and diversification, DeFi can help users reclaim their financial autonomy. But decentralized projects often face the perception of being too complicated to navigate, even for crypto natives accustomed to centralized exchanges. This sets the stage for DeFi projects focused on investment diversity while eliminating time-consuming factors like hunting for the best yields possible and improving accessibility for all.

Formerly available exclusively on Ethereum’s mainnet, Spool expands its Smart Vault creation tool and yield generator offering to Arbitrum One, unlocking wider financial accessibility for retail investors and institutions exploring DeFi. Through Spool’s non-custodial platform, Arbitrum’s community can now access a roster of attractive yield generators while maintaining control of risk appetite and portfolio diversification.

The integration follows a successful vote and thorough risk assessment conducted by the Spool DAO, which designated six initial yield strategies to launch on Arbitrum One. They include:

Spool’s 5-step Smart Vault creation toolbox eliminates DeFi’s complexity while allowing investors to curate their risk appetite, fund allocations, and market exposure. Its comprehensive framework mirrors existing financial language and portfolio management options to expand accessibility for institutions and retail investors that are new to decentralized investing strategies. Spool’s advanced customization and streamlined user interface also enable institutions to create DeFi portfolios for themselves or to white-label their Smart Vault into their own product offering.

Designed to provide speed improvements and lowered scalability costs to Ethereum without eschewing security, Arbitrum has grown to have the highest TVL, volume, and unique wallet addresses of any current layer-2 blockchain. Its flagship product, Arbitrum One, is an Optimistic rollup protocol with Ethereum-level security and greater flexibility. As Arbitrum’s community grows, Spool’s deployment positions itself to become the DeFi destination for the blockchain network’s ecosystem to utilize.

“We are thrilled to deploy Spool on Arbitrum, our first layer-2 integration, and introduce our DeFi solution to its vibrant user ecosystem,” says Philipp Zimmerer, Chief Strategy Officer of Spool. “Deploying on a new blockchain required serious deliberation and analysis for us, but we ultimately chose to work with Arbitrum given its penchant for transparency, community engagement, and consistent emphasis on working with innovative projects.”

Offchain Labs’ Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Saunders added, “Spool’s deployment on Arbitrum One will provide a new entryway for our community to explore and create their own DeFi products using language and processes they are already familiar with. We strive to integrate innovative, industry-leading products into our robust and collaborative ecosystem, and we’re excited to see how our community leverages the availability of Spool to invent new platforms that can benefit us all.”

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