VNX launches Europe’s first tokens referencing fiat currencies with an underlying gold base value


VNX, Europe’s first regulated entity for investing in tokenized precious metals under Liechtenstein’s Blockchain Act, launches the VNX Euro (VEUR) and VNX Swiss Franc (VCHF) tokens referencing respective fiat currencies on crypto exchange Emirex with tokenized physical gold as a base value. VNX’s tokens enable new investment and holding strategy implementations through digitally referenced fiat currencies and tokenized precious metals.

The crypto market’s ongoing rough patch may discourage curious retail and institutional investors from exploring its more volatile offerings. For investors wading cautiously through the crypto landscape, tokens referencing traditionally valuable commodities and major European currencies can help rebuild trust in decentralized finance and digital assets.

The launch of VEUR and VCHF expands investor capabilities in the crypto space by offering digital assets tied to traditional currencies. The new additions solidify VNX’s roster of tokens backed by trusted physical commodities, empowering accredited investors searching for stable digital assets to hold, trade, and earn with.

Most of the crypto economy now is denominated in dollars as a reference asset, much like the traditional global economy. But the share of currencies such as EUR and CHF in the traditional economy is much larger in percentage than in the crypto landscape. These currencies are additionally more native to  European retail investors and are also the balance currency for institutional market participants based in the region.

As the first coin backed by tokenized precious metals in Europe from a token generator licensed under Liechtenstein’s Blockchain Act, VNX’s platform equips institutional and retail investors to utilize stable crypto assets in a regulated setting. In addition to its flagship physical gold-backed VNX Gold token, users can implement VEUR and VCHF for inflation hedging, CEX/DEX trading, and CeFi or DeFi liquidity and staking.

Founded in 2014 Emirex is dedicated to building the infrastructure for the new digital economy, making VNX Euro and VNX CHF available on Emirex unlocks a new audience ready to explore the possibilities of commodity-backed tokens.

“We are thrilled to launch new fiat-referencing tokens and introduce new ways for our clients to utilize commodity-backed crypto in their investment strategies,” says Alexander Tkachenko, Founder and CEO of VNX. “Launching these tokens is a big step forward in bringing stable and reliable digital assets to a global community.”

“Launching VNX’s fiat-referencing tokens on our platform unlocks new opportunities for crypto investors in EMEA to expand their portfolios,” says Greg Mars, Co-Founder of Emirex. “Expanding digital assets backed by precious commodities offers a defined route with an inherent value for users to explore crypto on their own terms.”

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