VNX launches liquidity mining program for tokenized gold assets


VNX, Europe’s first regulated platform for investing in tokenized precious metals, launches its liquidity mining program, creating lucrative benefits for VNX users. VNX Gold holders can now access new investment opportunities by providing liquidity to pools for VNXAU-WBTC and VNXAU-USDC on Uniswap V3’s decentralized protocol.

Transitioning stagnant assets into active capital is a golden rule for any investor looking to build wealth, and crypto and digital assets are no exception. As many investors weather the bear-market storm, the luxury of a stagnant asset is no longer an option. Rather than letting a crypto asset lay dormant in a wallet, an active investment path is key. Although digital assets backed by traditional valuable commodities provide a safety net now, they also create opportunities to put these assets to work and can help investors thrive in any market condition.

Through opening the VNXAU-WBTC and VNXAU-USDC pools, VNX unlocks the potential of providing liquidity and stacking with a classic asset like gold. Users can now earn VNXLU tokens and trading fees by providing liquidity from their VNX Gold holdings across a variety of decentralized exchanges, starting with Uniswap V3. The liquidity and staking pools are consolidated on the native VNX platform, making the process easy to navigate and implement for all current users.

By adding their VNX Gold tokens to the Uniswap-powered pools, users can stake liquidity provider tokens to start earning VNXLU tokens. As the backbone of the platform, investors can utilize earned VNXLU tokens to pay issuing fees or trade on crypto exchanges. Additionally, the initial Uniswap protocol integration provides sophisticated and diverse yield sources to expand potential gains and investment strategies.

“We are thrilled to unveil our platform’s liquidity mining program to all VNX users,” says Alexander Tkachenko, CEO and Co-Founder of VNX. “Launching this program has been a long-term goal for us, since creating new avenues to generate gains for our investor community is incredibly vital. Allowing users to harness the potential of tokenized metals through liquidity and staking on one platform is a big next step.”

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