Brickken, the company forging a new path in business management and fundraising with tokenized equity, partners with Hillstone Finance, Veritas, and Digital Gold Capital to expand its operational network to three new countries. The partnership opens Brickken’s next strategic fundraising and expansion round, as the group’s commitments include investment in its native BKN token and broadens the platform’s reach in onboarding companies to Web3 and decentralized management.

The continuing traditional and crypto bear markets are causing once-generous venture capital funds to tighten their purse or dry up completely. The sudden shakeup of this go-to-fundraising method has left ambitious projects in limbo with both funding and current asset management. Cutting through the noise and grabbing the attention of VCs is becoming harder than ever, leaving room for an alternative to the traditional fundraising institutions.

In partnering with Hillstone Finance, Veritas, and Digital Gold Capital, Brickken unlocks the potential of decentralizing company ownership through tokenized equity and asset management. Arriving on the heels of a new whitepaper release, Brickken is creating a means for businesses to transition into a decentralized operational model while retaining ownership control. The partnership indicates a global interest in the project and opens a new strategic round for Brickken to further expand its operational network.

Leading the partnerships with Brickken is Hillstone Finance, the South Korean project revolutionizing traditional finance through blockchain technology adoption, creating a perfect match for Brickken’s tokenization platform.

Alongside Hillstone Finance, Brickken’s partnerships include Veritas, a venture capital fund based in the United Kingdom, and Spanish blockchain investment vehicle Digital Gold Capital. While Veritas unlocks another new territory for Brickken, Digital Gold Capital further solidifies the company’s roots in Spain.

In addition to garnering these new partnerships, Brickken’s new whitepaper sets the stage for its dApp launch planned for September 2022 to onboard new clients on a wide scale. These partnerships further bolster this upcoming launch by providing the project with networks upon the full release of the dApp.

“We are incredibly proud to partner with Hillstone Finance, Veritas, and Digital Gold Capital,” says Edwin Mata, CEO & Co-Founder of Brickken. “Our new partners are displaying an early interest in the future of decentralized corporate management and our position to be leaders in the new Web3 economy.”