Fusang Corp, Asia’s first fully licensed and regulated digital exchange for both public and private markets, recently partnered with the Centre of Commercial Law at Harris Manchester CollegeUniversity of Oxford, in hosting the Digital Assets Conference 2022.

The Digital Assets Conference 2022 was the fourth annual conference held by the Digital Assets Project.  It was held on 29 June 2022 at Maevadi Hall, Harris Manchester CollegeOxford and online. The event was attended by more than 100 delegates comprising leading lawyers, academics, representatives from global regulatory agencies, legal practitioners, national statutory bodies as well as multilateral organisations.

Blockchain technology powered by smart contracts has led to the emergence of innovative new asset classes such as security tokens, crypto-securities and other tradable digital assets. The developments within this asset class have in turn raised challenging legal scenarios and considerations, especially with regards to the rights of holders, and the identification of asset classes, all of which was discussed at the conference.

The event included a keynote presentation by The Honourable Justice Philip Jeyaratnam, Judge of the High Court of Singapore “New Wine in Old Wineskins: Adapting the Law for the New Digital Economy”, as well as presentations by Dr Jason Allen from SMU and Stirling & Rose Digital Law; Nanyang Technological University Associate Professor Hannah Yee-Fen Lim; Michel Rauchs from the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance; and UCL Professor Iris Chiu.

The Digital Assets Project is a collaboration between Fusang and the Centre of Commercial Law at Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford.   It holds an annual academic conference and an annual online updating session, and has developed a centralised online platform which provides access to research papers and published articles on digital assets. This platform www.oxforddigitalassets.org, managed by Fusang, will continue to support the Digital Assets Project (under the purview of the Commercial Law Centre, Harris Manchester CollegeOxford University) is run by Professor Louise Gullifer (University of Cambridge) and Professor Jennifer Payne (University of Oxford).


Professor Louise Gullifer (University of Cambridge) and Professor Jennifer Payne (University of Oxford) commented, “This conference enabled academics working in the area of digital assets law and finance to present their research to a wide and global audience of interested people, sparking debate among market participants, practitioners, regulators and policy makers as well as within the academic community.   It is this ability to engender discussion among such a wide variety of global players that is the distinctive contribution of the Digital Assets Project to the future development of the law in this area.”

Henry Chong, CEO of Fusang commented, “This partnership has and will continue to build networks between thought leaders and the industry leaders that will be beneficial for both.  The digital assets community is driven by innovation, translated into real business ideas and opportunities, and the conference is an excellent arena to discuss mutual areas of interest and expand perspectives. Our commitment to the Digital Assets project is testament to Fusang’s belief that the future of digital is now.”

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