Brickken opens the door to tokenizing company stock


Brickken, the company creating a new path for business management and fundraising, unlocks the economic potential of tokenizing the corporate structure. Following a $2 million private token presale, Brickken provides a platform and toolbox for businesses to convert their traditional assets onto the Ethereum blockchain.

For business owners, navigating the day-to-day challenges of fundraising and asset management can be daunting, particularly at the startup level. In the dense landscape of venture capital and crowdfunding, it is incredibly difficult for young companies to cut through the noise and secure funding through traditional methods. Established avenues of fundraising exclude average investors from getting in on the ground floor of projects they believe in. The startup failure rate is astronomically high, which presents an opportunity to foster inclusive alternatives to slow this trend.

Brickken provides a tokenization protocol and interface for companies to explore the possibilities of creating on-chain equity from traditional assets. Through its native BKN token and decentralized application (dApp) set to launch in 2022, Brickken provides businesses the necessary tools to issue their own utility and security tokens to raise funds and digitize company ownership.

As a service provider for companies of all sizes eyeing the blockchain industry, Brickken’s framework offers a seamless channel to manage digital assets while adhering to all existing safety and compliance regulations. The streamlined Brickken interface empowers companies to cultivate a community of early backers in a safe and transparent framework. Brickken’s dApp  provides the infrastructure for centralized businesses to transition into self-sufficient decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), providing a protocol for companies to remain legally compliant while following a fully community-based approach.

Within the Brickken dApp, companies can utilize a Know Your Customer (KYC) process to ensure businesses and individuals issue tokens with an authenticated entity.

“We believe that the future of business and company ownership lies on the blockchain,” says Edwin Mata, CEO and Co-Founder of Brickken. “Brickken is a destination for companies of all sizes to alter how they approach fundraising and business administration. As we approach our upcoming token listing our goal is to show there is an alternative to the traditional barriers in sustaining a company.”

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