Ftribe Fighters launches an exclusive collection on Binance NFT Marketplace and officially releases their mobile game on May 09th, 2022


Ftribe Fighters is excited to announce an exclusive offering Mystery Box on Binance NFT Marketplace and MOBA official release on May 09th.

Ftribe Fighters, a 3D MOBA game, belongs to a gaming ecosystem that emphasizes on building a convenient platform for users to play, earn, and exchange. Its ecosystem includes a traditional MOBA game, Marketplace, DeFi features, upcoming Idle game – Clash of Ftribe and Wallet. Binance NFT is a platform that enables users to participate in top-tier gaming projects by purchasing NFT assets, also known as an Initial Game Offering (IGO). Auctions, fixed price auctions, and mystery boxes are all options for launching assets. IGOs are only for gaming, and all drop contents will be in-game assets like early access passes, weapons, accessories, exclusive Binance cosmetics and skins, and more.

Integrating with Binance NFT is one of the major milestones on the company’s path to success. Ftribe Fighters would like to introduce the Ftribe Fighters Mystery Box in this launch, which will be available in quantities of 3,500 for $60 each. Each box will contain one of the other 12 NFTs at random. Players will have a 33.33% percent chance of acquiring a gun from this Box, which is also a utility item.

All Binance Box guns (Deadbolt DK, Stroke SM, Light Ray L, Scepter EVO) will have maximum damage, giving all players a significant advantage. Any other box, for example, will only give them a random damage between 17 and 25 for the Light Ray L gun when opened, whereas the Binance Box will always give them 25. Another advantage of receiving any gun is that it will be their pass to participate in the highly anticipated Clash of Ftribe – Idle Game, which will be released in May 2022.

Ftribe Fighters Mystery Box will open for 12 hours from 11:00 UTC – 23:00 UTC on May 9th. Users who pass the intermediate level KYC can purchase the Ftribe Fighters Mystery Box.

Aside from the launch, players will have the opportunity to try our official release on the same day. This will allow them to take advantage right after purchasing the Box. Ftribe Fighters is ecstatic to finally deliver on what its communities have been waiting for, and it looks forward to expanding ecosystem very soon, with the release of Clash of Tribes – Idle Game in May.

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