Recently, the talk show “GameFi – the Revolution in Gaming industry” took place at 7:30 (UTC) on April 16, broadcast live globally on Facebook and YouTube platforms, has ended with many highlights.

With the aim of providing a multi-dimensional and objective perspective on Blockchain and the GameFi market in the traditional gaming industry, the program team invited to the talkshow 4 famous, visionary and influential speakers in the industry to talk and share. These 4 guests are Mr. Dao Tien Phong – Managing Lawyer at Investpush Legal, Mr. Hang Minh Loi – Country Manager of YGG SEA in Vietnam, Mr. ViruSs (Dang Tien Hoang) – a famous YouTuber, Streamer in Asia, CMO of GearVN and Advisor for many major international GameFi – GameGuild projects, and Mr. Lucid Hoang (Hoang Anh Cuong)- Founder and CTO of Zuki Moba, Founder at OnicGame.

This is a highly anticipated talkshow that has been drawing a lot of attention from the community because of the amount of useful information to be shared.

The talkshow also attracted the attention of the community with minigame programs and many valuable prizes up to $10,000 and NFTs for those who participated. Talkshow has reached the milestone of more than 1,000 viewers worldwide, demonstrating the program’s appeal.


During the talkshow, in addition to the overview of the Blockchain and GameFi market in Vietnam today, the speakers also raised the obstacles of traditional gamers when participating in the GameFi / Play-to-Earn market and the solutions to break down this barrier, as well as the actions that each individual has been taking to contribute to the development of the potential GameFi market. Although there are many different perspectives, in general, the speakers all agree that Blockchain technology and GameFi will become a global trend with many large corporations paying more and more attention to it every day. Mr. Lucid Hoang as the CTO of Zuki Moba also shared his vision to bring Zuki Moba to become a bridge to bring the GameFi and the traditional games market closer together.

The talkshow ended with the speakers sharing their feelings and best wishes for Zuki Moba in the journey to conquering the GameFi market.

On the same day with the talkshow, Zuki Moba also launched the long-awaited, highly-anticipated mainnet game, marking a new milestone of the project, also kick off a series of in-game events, and reopening the Dapps in the ecosystem to support users.

Instructions and download link for mainnet game:

Learn more about Zuki Moba:

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