Mainnet Game and the direction of Zuki Moba

After the Big Update which the team has just deployed at the end of February, the system has been tested and stabilized on the new network Polygon, recently, the Zuki Moba team has just announced the launching date of the much-anticipated Mainnet Game, which will be at 3:00 (UTC) on April 16th.

This Mainnet game is promised to fix all the shortcomings of the Testnet version to provide a better user experience. Game Mainnet is one of the important milestones marking the development of Zuki Moba in the process of establishing the foundation for the economy of Zuki Moba later, while the mechanism to empower players in the game in particular and the GameFi market generally gradually take shape and operate, this is the mission that Zuki Moba always aims to.

Launching the mainnet game means that the NFTs and tokens for the mainnet game can be put into use, satisfying the expectations of users and investors during the past time. That also means that the Play-to-Earn mechanism is officially put into operation, kicking off Zuki Moba’s autonomous player-driven economy.

Exciting right? Lots of events are happening to celebrate.

Along with this big news of the Mainnet Game Launching Date on April 16th, the team also prepared paralleled events to celebrate this milestone and attract more users.

The main attraction would still be the launching of Mainnet Game, which takes place at 3:00 April 16th (UTC).

After the launch of Mainnet Game, on the same day at 8:00 – 9:30 (UTC), Zuki Moba team also prepares a talkshow “GameFi – The Revolution of the Gaming industry” with lots of famous guests to share their ideas and thoughts on the GameFi market and its potential in the future. This will helps users understand more about Zuki Moba’s economic foundation and prepared for the next phase that helps users earn while playing.

With prizes up to $10,000 and even Hero NFTs for those who attend, this talkshow will surely be a buzz in the community.

Everything is coming into place now. Are you excited for their Mainnet Game just like we are?