No Más Gas fees! Wrejects partners with Polygon to support low gas purchases on OpenSea


Independent developer Boss Cannon today announced the incoming partnership with Polygon Studios to address the environmental impact of NFTs for their brand new blockchain-based arena card battle game, Wrejects, developed for mobile and desktop browsers. On March 31st, via OpenSea Marketplace and, the Wrejects Series 1 NFT collection will be released on Polygon, powered by their efficient scaling solution to lower gas fees. NFT mining using this solution will generate less than 1% of the carbon emission that it currently produces on the standard Ethereum blockchain.

“With lower gas fees, we hope to make purchases easier for our customers with our affordable NFT collections. We hate the thought of people paying more in gas than for their actual items, and Polygon allows us to do that,” said Casey Copeland, CEO of Wrejects. “The future benefits of scaling when introducing NFT technology into our gaming environment will provide our players with an overall better experience.”

“It’s wonderful to see more NFT projects make the move to launch their collections on Polygon,” said Ishan Negi, Polygon Studios’ Chief Of Staff. “Not only are they helping to make a difference by reducing carbon emissions but also are benefiting their buyers with reduced fees and faster transactions. Wrejects choosing Polygon for their collection is definitely a wise decision.”

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