The Sinners Club emerges as a generous and profit-sharing NFT project for ambitious investors


The Sinners Club is an emerging and community-driven project dedicated to utility-NFT and crypto enthusiasts. Sinners Club aims to donate a percentage of its profit towards a neglected sector, for instance, student debt and entrepreneurs. The Sinners Club comes from a group of entrepreneurs and investors, and former budget-struggling students who now enjoy top-notch things in life. The team of experts behind the entire project wants to encourage their community to follow them on this journey of creating this incredible Club.

The Club is for the people who want to get out of their comfort zone, those who are willing to take a risk; there are many great things out there they want to push the community to achieve. The community is the core of their project. The crew of Sinners Club is keen on building a rock-solid, supportive community that believes and trusts its mission in the long term. Being part of this exclusive Club gives them access to one of the first nightlife locations in the Metaverse, which will include profit-sharing benefits.

Furthermore, the collection is of 5000 profit-sharing NFTs, including 777 unique and rare called THE DEADLY SINNERS on the Ethereum network. Deadly Sinners holders will receive 50% in revenue earned by the gambling games, horse races, sports betting, consumables, and more. The rest of the collection will benefit 20% of the Club’s profits.

As said before, The Sinners Club will contribute to building the leaders of tomorrow. They want to help and give back to the community. That is why they have decided to support these two neglected sectors so that students can focus on getting ahead without economic concerns and so that entrepreneurs have the momentum to start. The team behind this project is spread all over the United States and Europe. They all contain main offices in the United States. The core team are entrepreneurs who have experience in different fields, such as Finance, Marketing, Real Estate, Management, and IT.

Additionally, the artist worked as a 2D animator in Cartoon Network. He’s got a lot of experience designing different characters, and he’s added a lot of value to The Sinners Club. Interested clients can find the artist on Instagram: The mint date is expected for mid-April, before the mint date, where they will be interacting with their community through huge giveaways, online poker games with prizes, and updates of the Club in the Metaverse.

Potential users can learn more about The Sinners Club by visiting their official website and following Twitter for further updates. Moreover, connect with the community by joining Discord.

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