MultiNFT launches token presale in preparation for its Decentraland debut


MultiNFT, an NFT platform connecting musicians and artists with their fans through an interactive and curated Metaverse experience, launches the presale for its native token, $MNFT. Leveraging a deep experience in the real-world music industry, MultiNFT brings a more authentic music experience to fans who want to enjoy live music shows and festivals in its brand new Rage nightclub set to open in Decentraland’s festival district, powered by $MNFT.

The Metaverse is a rapidly growing industry, expected to reach $800 billion by 2024. Part of this anticipated growth stems from the demand for high-quality music events featuring big-name artists. Dominated by techies, however, Metaverse companies have faced the challenge of generating believable enough experiences for fans to choose a digital festival, for example, over a real festival or live-streamed performance.

Leveraging its music-industry connections and expertise, MultiNFT offers fans the unique opportunity to experience a physical club smack in the middle of Decentraland’s festival district, one of the most prominent areas in the Metaverse. The platform, which runs on Ethereum, provides its users with a well-crafted VR-powered gaming experience, where they navigate Decentraland, attending live shows, events, and festivals, with the Rage nightclub serving as MultiNFT’s Metaverse hub, powered by $MNFT.

Holders of the $MNFT token will have early access to special content, rare NFT drops, and in addition to earning cashback in affiliated marketplaces, they can spend tokens at MultiNFT arcades and events.

“We’re proud of the Rage nightclub we built. It brings a real-life party vibe to the Metaverse, and specifically the virtual world of Decentraland,” says Guy Goldenberg, CEO of MultiNFT. “Our connections with big names in the techno and metal music scenes will turn Rage into the hottest spot in the Metaverse.”

“Our token presale provides liquidity for investors as well as rewards, early access to content, and more. The value is not only for those investing but also for those simply looking for a fun and fully-immersed Metaverse experience,” says Max Hatchwell, founder of MultiNFT. “We are building a community within the Metaverse with the mission of providing an authentic live-music experience and connecting artists with their fans.”

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