Looking Glass Labs’ Media Production Division to Screen the First Live-Action NFT Series During San Diego Comic-Con International


Looking Glass Labs Ltd. (“LGL” or the “Company”), a digital platform specializing in non-fungible tokens (“NFTs“), utility NFT (“uNFT“) architecture, immersive extended reality (“XR“) metaverse design and virtual asset royalty streams, is pleased to announce the launch of GenZeroes Productions Inc. (“GZP“), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of LGL specializing in the production of original media involving NFTs. The Company has procured an executive and creative team for GZP consisting of accomplished screenwriters who are recipients of the Leo Award in addition to the co-star of Zero Contact – the 2021 film that was the world’s first released as an NFT.

With the production of NFT-based entertainment media, LGL intends to grow the community of its flagship studio, House of Kibaa (“HoK“), through the inclusion of adjacent communities of various media genres such as science fiction. LGL believes such media could prove to be an exemplary use case for NFTs in line with their intended purpose of providing intellectual property protection for the benefit of artists, creators and NFT owners.

In the near future, GZP will collaborate with HoK to produce “GenZeroes” as a ten-episode science fiction series (the “GenZeroes Series“) with storylines built around the GenZeroes NFT collection. LGL has arranged for the series finale of the GenZeroes Series to be screened during the San Diego Comic-Con International convention scheduled to occur from July 21-24, 2022. The production of the GenZeroes Series will be led by the following GZP executive and creative team members:

  • Aleks Paunovic (IMDB): Co-starred with Oscar-winning actor Anthony Hopkins in Zero Contact, which was the first feature-length Hollywood film to be released as NFTs. Mr. Paunovic also appeared in the 2021 Marvel Studios series Hawkeye, with over 30 awards and nominations as well as several high-profile film and television credits including but not limited to SnowpiercerPlanet of the Apes, and Van Helsing; and

  • Jeremy Smith (IMDB) and Matt Venables (IMDB): The duo of Mr. Smith and Mr. Venables have held several production roles (including Co-Executive Producer and Co-Producer) for dozens of episodes of the Van Helsing television series, for which they both won the 2020 Leo Award in the category of Best Screenwriting in a Dramatic Series. They also held the roles of Writer and Story Editor for the science fiction television series Continuum.

LGL will have Mr. Paunovic, Mr. Smith, and Mr. Venables on a live broadcast hosted simultaneously on Discord Stages and Twitter Spaces during the week of January 24th, 2022 to discuss their involvement with GZP. Special announcements about the GenZeroes Series will also be made during the event. People interested in receiving more information about the broadcast can sign up to receive emails from LGL on its website or by following the Company on Twitter (@lgl_io).

Additionally, the GenZeroes Series will be associated with at least 30 collective NFT issuances (“Drops“) related to the show. The Drops are expected to provide a supplemental source of revenue for LGL from the initial NFT sales as well as the royalty streams from all resales of the NFTs in perpetuity. LGL also intends to embark on a public relations campaign to create awareness of the GenZeroes Series in order to both promote viewership of the show and demonstrate the novel approach of funding media production through the sale of NFTs.

On December 24, 2021, LGL released a preview of the GenZeroes Series that can be viewed via the following link:

Management Commentary

Dorian Banks, Chief Executive Officer of LGL commented, “We believe in taking a bold, hands-on and innovative approach to generating value from NFTs, which is why we are excited to be leading the way with a first-of-its-kind, NFT-driven, live-action series. Our new GZP subsidiary plans to crowdfund projects such as the GenZeroes Series through NFT drops.” Mr. Banks added, “Our team is hopeful that fans and supporters will be able to enjoy an unparalleled level of engagement with the HoK community by being a stakeholder in original media. LGL is grateful to Mr. Paunovic, Mr. Smith and Mr. Venables as the core of a renowned team at the helm of GZP and we are confident that they can make the world’s first NFT-based series a success.”

Neil Stevenson-Moore, Chief Product Officer of LGL added, “GenZeroes represents another exciting milestone for our entire organization. Our new production team is focused on making HOK and LGL the place that the television and film communities go to leverage NFTs in an authentic manner. We are excited to be working with leaders in the industry like Aleks PaunovicJeremy Smith, and Matt Venables on our first project; and we look forward to announcing more cast and crew members in the coming weeks.”

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