Crown Sovereign (CSOV) token, innovated by Crown Sterling Limited LLC, an encryption and digital asset solutions provider, is listed on HitBTC Exchange beginning December 23, 2021. The CSOV token is backed by a quantum-resistant blockchain security protocol, developed exclusively by Crown Sterling. CSOV has been successfully engineered to be the first blockchain utility for One-Time Pad encryption, enabling secure communication, data protection and control.

CSOV enables token holders to pay for the secure transmission of their data with each transaction on the Crown Sterling Wallet, Crown Sterling’s native data transfer and messaging application. With data emerging as the most valuable asset of the digital age, the CSOV serves as a tool that will enable individuals to protect, control and monetize their data in an era of largely unregulated big tech vulnerability and monopolization.

The Crown Sterling chain is a live network on the Polkadot blockchain and is the first to implement quantum-resistant, One-Time Pad encryption as an option for a blockchain’s state transition function, which is the process flow of transactions on a network. Crown Sterling is built on Polkadot to enable high speed, concurrent transaction, and integration of custom encryption solutions, which Polkadot permits.

“The token is backed by real utilities: quantum-resistant cryptography and quantum-resistant NFTs as well as other future compression technologies. With CSOV, consumers will be able to NFT their own digital assets, including data, empowering original producers with the ability to claim, protect, control and monetize their digital assets. We are excited about the expanding utility of our tokens through our broad product offering and continuing development efforts,” said Robert Grant, CEO and co-founder of Crown Sterling.

For more on CSOV and data sovereignty technology, please visit and read the White Paper. For announcements and updates, join the Telegram channel and follow CSOV on Twitter.