Oly Sport’s Meta Tickets are coming to Binance NFT soon


The second wave of horse sale will start this December 20th, selling the special “Meta Tickets” which allows buyers to obtain randomly one of the 3 best & rarest horses

After the first successful sale, Oly Sport continues its partnership with Binance NFT to launch the second horse sale. This time, thousands of Meta Tickets will be released into the Binance NFT Marketplace at a very reasonable price, giving horse enthusiasts the chance to get their hands on “Horse of the Gods”.

Each Meta Ticket contains a Genesis NFT Horse among the 3 best & rarest breeds in Oly Sport Metaverse:  Elon, Zhao and Sam. For owning a Meta Ticket, you can mint the ticket to get a Genesis NFT Horse (among the 3 breeds mentioned above) when the “mint feature” becomes available. Horse owners can profit through in-game activities like breeding, racing or lending horses to the racecourses. These NFT Horses can also be traded through trading platforms like Oly Sport Marketplace or Binance NFT Marketplace.

Needless to say, Elon, Zhao and Sam are 3 best & rarest breeds in Oly Sport Metaverse: Elon horse breed accounts for 6%, while the number for Zhao is 9.7% and for Sam is 14.65%. Owning these horses is like “being on another level” to the rest.

Early buyers can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Be the first ones to own these God-tier horses
  • Able to join Testnet phase to get used to the game
  • Higher chance to win the race
  • Breed your horses to raise or sell them & profit
  • Lend your horses when the lending feature comes online
  • … And many more.
The numbers from the first sales are quite impressive

For those who didn’t succeed in buying one, no need to be upset., you can wait for another horse sale to come your way. In the meantime, enjoying the mini-game and other events to win some $OLY seems like a good choice.

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