Starting on December 9, security tokens from the Tokenchampions investment fund will be available for purchase in Europe. Its main objective is to facilitate access to participation in the football business not only by major investors, but also by anyone who wishes to invest in this exciting area.

Tokenchampions is the first investment fund created for the acquisition and management of international football players’ image rights. Participation in the investment fund is carried out through security tokens, based on blockchain technology, which is reliable and secure.

The fund’s assets are represented by contracts for the image rights of international football stars selected by a team of experts with extensive experience in the sector, headed by Josep Maria Minguella, a players agent historically linked to FC Barcelona and globally renowned for his ability to discover and develop talents like Maradona, Messi, Stoichkov and Guardiola, among others.

CEO Carlos Salas states that “Tokenchampions democratizes the football business by combining the latest technology with an unrivalled experience in the management of sports talent, and thanks to financial strength allowing all football fans to participate, regardless of whether they are small or large investors.”

How are Tokenchampions security tokens acquired?

The process is very simple: going to, all one has to do is fill out a registration form and answer a few simple questions to comply with all the security protocols established by European regulations for financial products.

After completing the registration as a qualified investor, any football fan can buy security tokens online, the minimum investment being €100 (50 tokens). For investments of over €10,000, and institutional investors, the process requires additional verifications, though they are always managed electronically.

How does it work?

Each token is worth €2, and any investor can participate, with the minimum investment set at €100. The first issuance is limited to 15 million tokens, with a total value of 30 million euros.

In this first issuance of tokens, a distribution formula is applied with a 5% annual return as an advance on the percentage of the fund’s future returns, which will be distributed to investors at the end of the tokens’ maturity period, which will be 5 years.

In addition to their appreciation, pegged to the increase in the value of the Fund’s assets, the tokens may also increase in value depending on the supply and demand dynamics generated by the secondary market.

In these transactions, interoperability between chain systems enables markets and exchanges to increase their liquidity. For this, the Tokenchampions Billboard is an intermediary-free trading platform that renders investment flexible, as it gives investors a convenient way to sell their tokens before the end of the maturity period.

Blockchain technology: a safe bet

Tokenchampions (TKCH) is a Security Token, a totally different concept from that of a Utility Token or a Cryptocurrency. It is the electronic representation of an investment contract in the Tokenchampions Fund. This contract offers specific terms and conditions with maximum security, efficiency and flexibility for investors.

How will the fund appreciate?

Cumulative experience in recent decades has made it possible to develop the Tokenchampions Methodology, which allows for optimal identification of each player’s personal profile. Using this profile, a unique strategy is created, specially designed to increase the value of the player’s image over the course of his career, taking into account the needs of the market and each player’s aspirations, preferences and personal needs.

Minguella explained: “If we add the use of blockchain technology to the knowledge amassed over all these years of experience with players, we are in a position to tackle the challenges posed by the future of football business management with a greater likelihood of success.”