Data integrity the secret ingredient for new partnership


Ohio-based data integrity and compliance solutions provider, Veridat, has announced a game-changing partnership with document workflow and retention platform, SeraScript.

The partnership, that officially launched last month at Coin Geek New York, will see Veridat plug into SeraScript to amplify the workflow management products on offer through their trusted data integrity solutions.

Veridat Founder, Phillip Runyan said the businesses blockchain integration will be used to further validate data on SeraScript and allow for a higher level of trust and transparency for users and regulators.

“Through SeraScript, data is hashed and validated in a public and decentralized manner across thousands of independent blockchain nodes to ensure the highest level of verification for users, consumers, and auditors.”

“When considering the partnership opportunity, I wanted to understand what made SeraScipt better than its competitors. The answer was simple – tapping into Microsoft 365s global customer base – now topping 300 million collaborators and used by 85% of fortune 500s.”

“I am excited to be working with a business that values integrity, especially at a time where this is something that big businesses and consumers are valuing more than ever,” he said.

As well as a great technology solution for businesses, the partnership also brings together two subject matter experts in Mr. Runyan and SeraScript Founder and President, Dennis Schroder, who has been a thought-leader in the IT industry for more than 30 years.

Speaking on the partnership, Mr. Schroder said the Veridat integration allows SeraScript to create the best possible document management platform for the financial and healthcare industries, all the way through to the document retention industry.

“Now, more than ever, SeraScript exceeds all other platforms in its ability to provide an immutable, secure, and 100% traceable and reportable solution,” Mr. Schroder said.

“SeraScript is made even more robust by utilizing the Bitcoin SV ledger, through the Veridat partnership. Our deep integration with this technology allows us to guarantee a fully reportable audit chain for any document,” he said.

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