Sophia the Robot joins Borderless Capital through the Sotheby’s artwork Auction, won for $5M HKD

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Leading roboticist David Hanson, CEO at Hanson Robotics, announced today the sale of new artwork from Sophia the Robot, called “Sophia Facing the Singularities”, at the October 10 Sotheby’s Autumn auction of contemporary art. This work is both a physical artwork, and a digital work that evolves over time, generating NFT digital paintings once per year.  After a starting bid of $3.8M HKD, the winning bid of $5,015,000 came from Borderless Capital, a Blockchain VC firm focusing on the Algorand Borderless Economy.

David Hanson says “We are thrilled about the success of the artwork ‘Sophia Facing the Singularities’. This builds on a legacy of developing Sophia as a technology platform and a work of art, and furthers the vision that humanlike robots can help to humanize our AI, and improve the human experience of AI, while aesthetically exploring the implications of this technology in the pursuit of a better future. All proceeds will go towards Sophia’s ongoing AI and creative development, and community and educational outreach.” Hanson adds “We are particularly happy that the work was acquired by Borderless Capital, and we look forward to minting her NFTs on Algorand. For Sophia to integrate Algorand blockchain tech is particularly exciting for the future of digital art and AI with Sophia, given our values of being environmentally friendly and Algorand being the only carbon negative blockchain available today. This is a great step in our outreach for Sophia and for the launch of SophiaDAO, in collaboration with SingularityNet AI, opening Sophia for public participation and interconnecting various AI and emerging technology and arts communities. With Sophia art and science, we seek to promote big ideas and emerging technologies that may help solve challenges of our time, to improve life today and into the future”.

David Garcia, CEO and Managing Partner of Borderless Capital said, “We are honored to welcome Sophia to the Borderless Capital team and to the Algorand ecosystem as a first class citizen. We are very excited about this first step that is part of our 10 year commitment to collaborate with Hanson Robotics. We are proud to have the responsibility of showcasing Sophia’s creative art and bringing the best out of her for humankind.”

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