Hyreo ushers in a New Dawn for Recruitment Technology with Hyreo Labs


The energy at the SHRMTech24 event reached its zenith on May 10th as Hyreo unveiled their groundbreaking AI innovations powered by ‘Hyreo Labs’. Hyreo Labs, the AI research-focused group at Hyreo Inc. aims at a paradigm shift in recruitment technology to improve recruiting experience and efficiency by leveraging Generative AI, Predictive models, and smarter Conversational AI interfaces.

“This isn’t just about transforming recruitment,” Ms. Achal Khanna, CEO of SHRM India, declared with palpable excitement. “By harnessing the power of AI while keeping human intelligence at the heart of talent processes, we’re setting new standards for the industry while creating a positive disruption that benefits both enterprises and talent.”

Arun Satyan, CEO of Hyreo, echoed this sentiment, “Hyreo Labs embodies everything we stand for: building smarter and human-centric technology by pushing the boundaries with AI and data along with the application of our profound expertise in human behavior science. We’re redefining talent technology and empowering businesses to build high-performance teams more transparently and predictably than ever before.

The launch of Hyreo Labs has led to solidifying Hyreo’s position as a value-driven innovator in the HR technology space. Existing and new customers will have access to updated technology and platforms that will dramatically improve the performance of their recruiting teams and deliver higher value to end business in a shorter amount of time. Further research will be around augmenting human capabilities in ways that bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology advancements and the human aspects of hiring, creating a seamless and engaging experience for everyone involved.