Beijing China-Germany Forum for Industrial Cooperation and Development–China-Germany (China-Europe) Hidden Champions Forum 2024 Opened


On May 13, the Beijing China-Germany Forum for Industrial Cooperation and Development—China-Germany (ChinaEurope) Hidden Champions Forum 2024 commenced at the Beijing China-Germany International Conference and Exhibition Center in Shunyi, Beijing. Co-sponsored by the Shunyi District People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, the International Economic Senate, and the Network for International Cooperation on Technology Commercialization (NICTC), this pioneering forum saw strategic collaboration with the International Cooperation Center of National Development and Reform Commission of China (ICC-NDRC) and Asia Digital Group.

The forum presents a rich array of activities, encompassing the “Open for Win-win Cooperation” China-Germany SMEs Dialogue (Roundtable on Innovation-driven Development between German Enterprises and Industrial Park) and the ChinaGermany (ChinaEurope) Hidden Champions Economic and Technological Exchanges and Cooperation Forum. Furthermore, industry-specific sub-forums were convened on topics like new energy and intelligent vehicles and digital economy, featuring events such as the New Energy and Intelligent Vehicle Industry Development Forum and the “Digital Intelligence in Shunyi” ChinaGermany (ChinaEurope) Cooperation and Development Forum. The ChinaGermany (ChinaEurope) Hidden Champions Forum also showcased a ChinaGermany (ChinaEurope) Economic and Technological Interaction Area, alongside activities like the Shunyi Tour for German (European) Hidden-Champion Entrepreneurs.

Looking ahead, Shunyi District will leverage international best practices, tap and heighten policies which facilitate open cooperation with Germany and Europe. These efforts will help hidden champions, innovative SMEs, and international institutions to know better about Shunyi, come to Shunyi and invest in Shunyi. It will strengthen scientific and technological innovation, spur industrial development, facilitate talent exchange, and promote information exchange between China and Germany (Europe). These endeavors are geared towards bolstering the Beijing China-Germany Economic and Technological Cooperation Demonstration Zone as a model for international economic and technological collaboration.