Aetina Introduces AIP-KQ67 for Enhanced Edge AI Computing and Inference


Aetina, a leading Edge AI solution provider, continues to deepen its presence in the edge AI market, announcing today the launch of the newest member of the MegaEdge PCIe series – AIP-KQ67. This product features Intel’s 12th/13th generation Core™ i9/i7/i5 processors, NVIDIA NCS certification, and is equipped with NVIDIA A2 Tensor Core GPU, along with support for high-performance NVIDIA RTX series GPU cards and high-speed I/O connections, meticulously designed for demanding AI inference applications and computer vision tasks.

As computer vision becomes a crucial field in AI development, global smart applications are rapidly growing, making the integration of artificial intelligence and image recognition applications a focal point for the industry. The embedded AI visual applications are increasingly being applied in urban planning, traffic management, security monitoring, and automated manufacturing, among other areas. However, visual edge AI systems typically require processing large amounts of images and computer vision tasks, consuming significant power. AIP-KQ67 supports flexible expansion of PCIe x16 graphics cards, providing more flexible edge application computing power configuration, supporting the latest NVIDIA RTX high-end GPU series, with a maximum power of up to 300W, delivering powerful multitasking capabilities and excellent computer vision and AI inference performance acceleration.

AIP-KQ67 is equipped with a flexible and diverse I/O port design, including three independent display outputs, 1 set of 1G Ethernet, and 3 sets of 2.5G network interfaces. At the same time, AIP-KQ67 integrates a variety of expansion slots, including 1 PCIe x16 (Gen5), 2 PCIe x4, 1 PCIe x2, 1 M.2 M-Key, and 1 M.2 E-Key, allowing for the expansion of various peripheral devices and add-on cards, such as storage, WiFi, and PoE, according to the actual AI application field requirements. AIP-KQ67 adopts an innovative screwless chassis design with a special dustproof mesh cover, which can effectively prevent dust from entering the chassis, extending the system’s service life and reliability. Additionally, the screwless design simplifies maintenance work, allowing users easy access to internal components for repair or upgrades.

The Aetina MegaEdge series supports three different deployment requirements: MXM, PCIe, and M.2, and provides a diverse range of product configuration options. Currently, the MXM series AIP-SQ67, PCIe series AIP-FR68 and AIP-KQ67, and the new M.2 series AIP-CR68 are all officially in mass production and available for sale, providing customers with the most comprehensive high-quality solutions.

SOURCE Aetina Corporation