Cherrypicks Partners with AWS DevAx Leading Cloud Technology Innovation for Hong Kong Enterprises


Cherrypicks, as the first Black Belt Partner of AWS and DevAx in Hong Kong, actively responds to the latest market demands by launching tailor-made AWS DevAx courses for enterprises. These courses aim to help enterprise development teams deepen their understanding and mastery of cloud technology, meet evolving business needs, transform cloud technology into practical assistance for enterprises, and enhance cost-effectiveness.

Enterprises face numerous IT demands and challenges in technological innovation in rapidly evolving business environment. Cherrypicks has observed that many companies are still in the early stages of cloud application and have not fully leveraged the potential of cloud computing. To address this pain point, Cherrypicks has decided to offer professional AWS cloud courses, assisting enterprises in developing tailored cloud systems based on their own business needs, optimizing existing cloud tools, and reducing development time by 50%.

The launch of the AWS DevAx Academy marks a significant milestone, allowing customers to quickly master AWS technologies and design bespoke cloud system solutions tailored to their business needs. Through comprehensive DevAx courses and workshops, customers not only learn how to utilize cloud services but also create applications to run on AWS cloud services. This ensures that enterprises can tightly align cloud technology with their business development direction, achieving seamless integration of business and technology. The system automatically scales based on usage and reverts to basic usage based on actual usage, avoiding wastage of additional resources, and aligning with cost-effectiveness.

Cherrypicks is the first service provider in the Hong Kong region to receive AWS-related training, collaborating with the DevAx team to offer specialized assistance and advice for each enterprise’s unique technical challenges. Starting from business application goals, they avoid simply introducing technology, ensuring alignment between business objectives and application system development to enhance customer cost-effectiveness. DevAx team experts utilize practical techniques such as Impact Mapping, Domain-Driven Design, and Event Storming to help teams identify key stakeholders, establish effective business and technical communication frameworks, and realize the vision of “business driving technology adoption, and technology supporting business development.”

The international success stories of DevAx have provided Cherrypicks with valuable experience and skills to localize international standards in Hong Kong and assist local enterprises in improving cloud efficiency.

Through collaboration with Broadway Electronics, a top-tier one-stop electronic and electrical retail chain in Hong Kong, Cherrypicks has accelerated its digital transformation, becoming a strong supporter for local enterprises in the field of cloud applications. Cherrypicks is confident in its successful promotion, believing that showcasing successful cases will help enterprises recognize the crucial role of cloud technology in driving business development.

Cherrypicks engages in self-enhancement, staying closely aligned with the latest technological developments to better support customer applications of AWS and accurately address enterprise pain points. For instance, Cherrypicks has completed multiple DevAx cloud-related courses in a short period, including serverless development, software design, database refactoring, and various other technical areas, demonstrating its expertise in cloud technology and steadfast commitment to customer support.