Eddid ONE and Eddid ONE USA Expand Global Coverage


Eddid Financial (“the Group”) announces that its intelligent trading application Eddid ONE and the premier US stock trading application Eddid ONE USA* have expanded their global coverage to 22 countries and regions. The apps are now officially launched on Google Play and App Store in respective markets, providing clients with advanced and convenient proprietary intelligent services.

The apps are now available in 22 key global markets across six continents, including Hong Kongthe United States, the United KingdomAustraliaTaiwan and Japan. Going forward, expansion plans are in place to reach additional emerging markets as the Group continues building out its global network.

Eddid ONE and Eddid ONE USA* have long been favored by the market for their clean interface and versatile functions. Specifically, Eddid ONE includes AI assistants in addition to real-time market data, proprietary trading strategies, research reports etc., but also come with AI assistants. Utilizing big data and AI technologies, the assistants provide personalized intelligent services, including predicting market trends and target stock prices to cater to diverse investor needs.

Clients can now keep abreast of the latest global market developments anytime, anywhere by using Eddid ONE and Eddid ONE USA*. This allows them to enjoy the Group’s one-stop proprietary intelligent trading services no matter where they are. Going forward, Eddid Financial will continue leveraging its leadership in fintech innovation to further enhance Eddid ONE and Eddid ONE USA*, with the commitment to deliver an even more comprehensive, efficient and secure financial services experience.

* *Always consider the risks when investing.