Exclusive Interview: ATFX Chairman Joe Li with CNBC Arabia


ATFX Chairman Joe Li was recently interviewed by CNBC Arabia, one of the leading business and financial news programs in the Middle East, to discuss the brand’s local development.  Throughout the interview, the host engaged in a comprehensive and professional dialogue that covered the brand’s local development progress, service philosophy, and market regulations.

ATFX Chairman Joe Li stated, “ATFX is dedicated to creating a platform that is convenient for investors, allowing them to trade quickly, safely, and efficiently. We prioritize the specific needs of our local clients by providing localized services. Our AT Premier service, launched in the Middle East, is continuously updated to provide high-quality investor education.”

The interview mainly focuses on the brand’s initiatives and measures in the local context. ATFX was ranked among the top four globally in MT4 trading volume in 2023, demonstrating its advanced financial technology tools, premium services, and extensive investor education content. ATFX’s exceptional achievements persist in enhancing its worldwide impact, attracting the interest of diverse international media establishments.

The interview conducted with CNBC Arabia marks a significant milestone in ATFX’s journey towards greater recognition this year. ATFX anticipates receiving further acknowledgement and media coverage as they continue to demonstrate unwavering dedication towards excellence in service.