Synechron Affirms Productivity Benefits of GitHub Copilot


Synechron, Inc., a leading global digital transformation consulting firm focused on financial services and technology organizations, has deployed GitHub Copilot, a premier and widely adopted AI developer tool, for broad use by its developers in India.

Synechron has conducted multiple internal experiments across numerous projects within its global Financial Innovation Laboratories (FinLabs) and examined the impact of various Generative AI (GenAI) tools, including GitHub Copilot, on developer productivity, versus traditional, non-AI enhanced development processes. These broad initiatives resulted in productivity gains of up to 40 percent when GitHub Copilot was used as part of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) – including code generation, code migration and optimization, documentation and test automation.

Synechron found that the use of GitHub Copilot reduced both the time and effort required across the entire development lifecycle – from a developer’s initial creative spark to code review and deployment. To measure the impact on both productivity and developer happiness, Synechron conducted regular surveys to gauge developers’ success against a presented project plan. Synechron also found that the speed, efficiency and productivity gains realized through leveraging GitHub Copilot helped reduce stress among its developers. These proven effects on productivity and developer happiness have led to Synechron’s accelerated use of GitHub Copilot for a variety of program development initiatives.

Sandeep Kumar, Head of FinLabsSynechron said, “At Synechron, we are constantly seeking ways to improve and enhance the entire software development lifecycle so that we can better serve our clients. Much to our delight, the use of GitHub Copilot not only enhanced the productivity of our experienced developers, but they reported less stress and a heightened state of happiness.”

Sharryn Napier, VP of APAC at GitHub, said, “We are thrilled to enable Synechron with GitHub Copilot, empowering its developers to be happier and more productive while accelerating overall innovation. Our own research reveals that developers are writing code approximately 55 percent faster with GitHub Copilot, and Synechron’s internal experiments affirm these productivity gains. We are excited to go on this journey with Synechron as we continue to transform the way organizations build software in the age of AI.”