Brinc Launches Brinc Academy: A Comprehensive Self-Guided Online Course to Empower Founders on Their Startup Journey


Brinc, a leading global venture accelerator, is excited to announce the launch of Brinc Academy, an innovative self-guided online course designed to support budding founders and entrepreneurs as they embark on their startup journey. Brinc Academy offers a roadmap to launching and scaling startups with precision and insight, covering essential topics such as defining business ideas, attracting customers, creating attention-grabbing pitch decks, and fundraising strategies.

Brinc Academy is founded on the vision of making entrepreneurial education accessible to all. With every enrollment, Brinc Academy will not only equip entrepreneurs with tools for success but also pledges to extend the cycle of opportunity through its partnership with B1G1. Through this platform, each enrollment supports initiatives for providing essentials like food, shelter, and education to communities in need.

“Brinc Academy is designed to empower founders with the skills, insights, and resources they need to confidently build and grow their startups,” said Manav Gupta, Founder & CEO of Brinc. “We recognize that every founder’s journey is unique, and our self-guided course allows them to learn at their own pace while accessing professional-level content on pitch refinement, fundraising, and more.”

Brinc’s accelerator programs have played a pivotal role in fueling a global startup revolution. However, with an ever-increasing number of founders submitting applications to their programs and a multitude of aspiring entrepreneurs seeking their guidance, Brinc recognizes the need to broaden their horizons.

In response to the overwhelming demand for resources and support, this initiative represents Brinc’s dedication to democratize entrepreneurial education. Making their wealth of knowledge accessible to all ambitious entrepreneurs in emerging markets who possess the vision but lack the necessary means, the course’s self-guided online format allows founders to learn at their own pace, fitting their studies around their existing commitments.

With a diverse range of modules covering essential startup topics, founders can delve into the material that is most relevant to their specific needs and revisit modules as desired. The platform empowers users to explore and learn on their terms, providing a basic level of understanding every founder needs without the pressure of immediate results.

Brinc Academy is built on Brinc’s 10+ years of industry experience working directly with startups, mentors, and advisors, developing relevant content and resources specifically for budding entrepreneurs. Built for those at the idea-stage, Brinc Academy will guide users through the development of a minimum viable product (MVP) and help them understand the essentials of product-market fit.

Founders seeking to enroll in Brinc Academy can join through the Brinc website starting February 8, 2024 and enjoy a 40% discount for the month of February. The course is open to founders from around the world and offers a flexible enrollment process. Enroll once in Brinc Academy and enjoy lifetime access to continually updated entrepreneurial content and tools.