Lion Global Investors Launches Singapore’s First Actively Managed ETF in Collaboration with Nomura Asset Management


Lion Global Investors (LGI) today announced the launch of Singapore’s first actively managed ETF, in collaboration with Nomura Asset Management group (NAM), the Lion-Nomura Japan Active ETF (Powered by AI). It is Singapore’s first active ETF and also its first AI-powered one.

The Lion-Nomura Japan Active ETF (Powered by AI) offers clients exposure to the Japan stock market through an actively managed portfolio of 50-100 securities listed in Japan. It seeks to provide long-term capital growth by investing primarily based on results from LGI’s and NAM’s proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning models that look at fundamental, technical, qualitative and quantitative analyses.

Teo Joo Wah, CEO, Lion Global Investors said that the launch of the Lion-Nomura Japan Active ETF (Powered by AI) and LGI’s expansion into the active ETF space underscores the firm’s mission to align to clients’ desire for cost-effective solutions that are actively managed and nimble for more efficient portfolio management, especially in today’s evolving macroeconomic environment.

“Expanding our offerings to include active ETFs represents our response to evolving investor demand and our commitment to broadening access to LGI’s strategies. The launch of our first active ETF on a Japan-focused theme using AI models in collaboration with Nomura Asset Management reflects our joint commitment to deliver efficient investment solutions to investors in Singapore.”

With retail investors showing a greater appetite for ETF investing since 2019, it is a strategic move by Singapore Exchange (SGX Group) to embark on the listing of Active ETFs in 2024 to harness the growth potential of this thriving ETF environment.

“SGX Group congratulates Lion Global Investors and Nomura Asset Management on pioneering Singapore’s first active ETF. This marks a new milestone in our expanding ETF shelf, showcasing product innovation and diversity for increased investor adoption in the ETF ecosystem. By leveraging AI, this active ETF adopts a dynamic approach, enabling the investment managers to respond to market changes through more frequent portfolio re-balancing. This launch also presents a timely opportunity for investors to capitalise on the resurgence of interest in the Japanese stock market,” said Janice Kan, Co-Head of Equities, SGX Group.

Providing investors easy access to Japan

Teo added that AI and Japan are themes that investors have shown strong interest in recent times. “AI is a capability that LGI has been developing since 2019. The Japanese market is supported by several tailwinds such as corporate governance reforms and strong foreign investor interest, which we expect to continue to drive momentum.  We are therefore excited to offer clients a new strategy that can help them access Japan via an actively managed ETF. We are happy that this collaboration will allow Singapore investors to benefit from NAM’s deep experience and knowledge of Japan and AI.”

Takahiro Kawabe, Managing Director and CEO, Nomura Asset Management Singapore Limited, said, “The Lion-Nomura Japan Active ETF (Powered by AI) leverages on NAM’s legacy of 65 years of leadership and experience investing in Japanese companies while offering the additional benefits of an active ETF structure including market access to Japan, nimble portfolio management and better risk management. While we are a leader in Japan ETFs and have recently launched our first two active ETFs there, this is our first for Singapore in collaboration with LGI.”

Initial Offering Period 

The Initial Offering Period (IOP) of the Lion-Nomura Japan Active ETF (Powered by AI) is from January 5 to 25, 2024. It lists on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) on January 31, 2024 and will be available in both Singapore and US dollar denominations under the SGX code JJJ and JUS respectively. The issue price of each unit during the IOP is SGD 1.00.

During the IOP, investors may subscribe to the ETF through OCBC ATMs/internet banking/mobile banking and participating dealers including iFAST Financial Pte. Ltd., Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd., OCBC Securities Pte. Ltd., Phillip Securities Pte. Ltd. and Tiger Brokers (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

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The units of the ETF are listed and traded on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”), and may be traded at prices different from its net asset value, suspended from trading, or delisted. Such listing does not guarantee a liquid market for the units. You cannot purchase or redeem units in the ETF directly with the manager of the ETF, but you may, subject to specific conditions, do so on the SGX-ST or through the PDs.

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