EU selects Element-E: Climate Tech 3Bee’s revolutionary methodology to develop the first certified biodiversity credits


Italy is developing the first certified biodiversity credits3Bee, the climate tech company at the forefront of biodiversity protection through technology, has been selected by the European Innovation Council as part of its EIC Accelerator. 648 European companies submitted their written proposals by the June 2023 deadline: only 5 percent received funding.

3Bee’s revolutionary biodiversity crediting approach will respond to the growing number of companies subject to the NFRD since the publication of the new CSRD Directive, intervening to support the strategic management of ESG issues to objectively verify and quantify impacts in terms of biodiversity regeneration. Companies will be able to monitor and regenerate the biodiversity of their production sites and supply chains, but also promote reliable offsets. This is the context for the Element-E protocol, which will enable the monitoring and quantification, including through artificial intelligence, of the impacts of restoration projects developed in compliance with the new European regulatory framework that requires companies to assess their impacts for ESG reporting.

Thanks to the EIC call, 3Bee will apply the Element-E protocol to a total of 250 sites in four European countries – ItalyFranceGermanySpain – with the aim of scientifically validating the methodology in different climates and geographical areas. “The EIC Accelerator will allow us to develop the technology to certify biodiversity protection at the European level, consolidating our oases in up to 4 European countries. – says Niccolò Calandri, CEO of 3Bee – “3Bee will thus become the first biodiversity protection provider supported by the European Union”.

3Bee developed the Element-E protocol in collaboration with renowned universities and research centers. These partnerships, along with the support of funding agencies such as ESA, underscore its robustness and effectiveness. With the goal of bringing biodiversity credits to market within two years, 3Bee’s revolutionary data- and technology-driven approach to biodiversity protection is a significant step towards achieving the goals of the EU Biodiversity Strategy by ensuring transparencyreliability and scalability.

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