Huawei’s Xinghe Network Accelerates Industry Intelligence


At the Summit themed “Accelerate Industry Intelligence with Xinghe Network” held during HUAWEI CONNECT 2023, more than 800 government and industry representatives came together to discuss how AI network technologies will reshape our future. Created to fuel the intelligent transformation of numerous industries, Huawei’s Xinghe Network Solution was officially unveiled by Leon Wang, President of Huawei Data Communication Product Line.

Industry Intelligence has become a global trend and AI models are becoming more and more pervasive. Evidence of this lies in the creation of ChatGPT, a phenomenal product that has given rise to the wave of AIGC and empowered us with insight into how AI technologies will rejuvenate various industries. As foundation model training deepens, AI development has crossed the inflection point and is evolving far beyond being used only for entertainment purposes — it is finding use in never-before-imagined professional settings.

Leon Wang said that intelligent computing cloud services are the trend in the industry intelligent era and will incorporate three parts: computing power generation, transmission, and access. The intelligent computing cloud-network that provides such services requires the network to support efficient training, uninterrupted computing power, and inclusive AI services. Huawei Xinghe Network Solution fully unleashes computing power with super-connectivity for unsurpassed AI productivity in the AI era. It provides a 100K-computing-card cluster and ultra-high throughput with a load rate of over 95%. Featuring long-term stability and reliability, it can predict network faults and both demarcate and rectify them within seconds. On top of that, the solution also enables refined orchestration of elephant and mice flows, and supports high flexibility and concurrency to resist deterioration.

Zhang Liang, chief AI expert at Huawei Data Communication Product Line, explained that the overall technology stack employed in Huawei’s Xinghe Network Solution builds on key technologies in line with core objectives such as ultra-high throughput, long-term stability and reliability, and high flexibility and concurrency.

  • Ultra-high throughput: Based on Huawei’s unique global Next Step of Load Balancer (NSLB) algorithm, the solution implements computing-network coordinated scheduling in real time, improving the effective network throughput from the industry average of just 50% to a staggering 98%.
  • Long-term stability and reliability: Leveraging full-stack visualized O&M technologies, the solution implements real-time visualization of network paths and flow loads for foundation model training. With PacketEvent-based data-plane exception detection technology and Data Plane Fast Recovery (DPFR) technology, this solution enables failure convergence within sub-milliseconds.
  • High flexibility and concurrency: Huawei-exclusive intelligent multipath scheduling, flow-aware load balancing, and adaptive packet loss concealment (PLC) technologies enable TB-level data transmission within a matter of only a few hours, achieving a staggering eightfold improvement in the forwarding capacity.

The release of it is an important step for Huawei to actively engage in intelligent transformation of various industries. In the AI era, Huawei Xinghe Network delivers limitless computing power via ubiquitous connectivity, providing enhanced and more intelligent AI network services to global users.

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