AdLiven announces a first-of-its-kind AI image Generation Tool to seamlessly produce assets for playable ads


AdLiven, the ad creative platform for mobile and app advertisers, today launched the industry’s first AI-based asset generation tool for creating and managing playable ads. The AI Image Generation Tool allows marketers, designers, and advertisers to create individualized playable ads by using AI to generate an unlimited number of customized assets in different styles, formats, and resolutions.

Built from the ground up by ad developers for ad developers, the tool uses a neural network that’s been developed to identify the specific variables relating to playable ads. The neural network can recognize and generate new images based on three inputs: an existing ad, an image, or a manual text prompt.

The tool can also use an existing image as a reference file and transform it into a text description of what the AI thinks the image is. This text prompt can then be used or edited to generate more image options.

In addition to providing a seamlessly infinite number of variations for ad creative, this tool streamlines the process of making changes to ad creative thanks to the speed of AI, allowing studios to make quicker and more effective ads.

David Carter, CEO at AdLiven said: “User acquisition has become more challenging in the wake of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency policies, meaning that creating quality advertising is more important than ever before. Integrating AI into the AdLiven Playable Platform means it’s quicker, easier, and more cost-effective for advertisers to create and make changes to their playable ads.” 

User acquisition (UA) creatives can also use the tool to design and develop clients’ playable ads. Since each of AdLiven’s playable ads is custom-built, it can tailor its solution to each playable by looking at ad engagement, what elements are driving performance and how to better target audiences in different segments, including network, device, and region. 

The AI Image Generation Tool is an extension of AdLiven’s full-service creative offering whereby users can iterate, test, launch, and measure ads within one platform. You can find out more at

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