Ahoy, Captain Sandy Comes On Board with Azuna


Inspirational leader, champion of gender equality, author and star of Bravo’s Below Deck Mediterranean Captain Sandy Yawn has signed what is thought to be a “one of a kind” deal with Azuna. Azuna manufactures one of the top product lines of plant-based, all-natural household products in the world. With thousands and thousands of customers across the country utilizing Azuna ‘s various products for homes, boats, cars, sports, college dorms, laundry dryers and various other applications, the Company see’s Captain Sandy as a unique star. CEO and Founder Scott Dancy contemplated working with Captain Sandy for over a year before the connection was made and a partnership forged. Dancy saw this as an absolute fit, “We love Captain Sandy. She is honest, authoritative and authentic. We wanted an ambassador with a wide demographic and broad appeal to represent the Azuna brand. Captain Sandy has avid fans of every age group representing every type of consumer. We consider ourselves an inclusive company and no personality on the current landscape that we connected with reaches such a broad and diverse audience. We are so proud to take this journey with Captain Sandy” said Dancy.

Azuna manufactures natural tea tree oil-based products with no harmful chemicals or additives. Azuna’s plant-based, all natural household products harness the antimicrobial power of tea tree oil to help neutralize bacteria, mold, mildew and other microbes and deliver fresh, clean, healthy indoor environments. Azuna offers healthier, more effective alternatives to many chemical-heavy household products. Azuna’s flagship products are their odor eliminating and air purifying treatment pods that eliminate odors at their source by neutralizing mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria in the air. Captain Sandy immediately fell in love with the products, “I have spent my life in close quarters. Boats, ships, superyachts or my house all deal with very similar things when it comes to air conditioning and the quality of air. I have spoken with Scott and his team and feel very confident their products are what they say, and in the world we live in today finding a product that fights odors, mildew and mold is absolutely essential. I am so honored to work with Azuna to deliver the message that you can fix a problem without subverting your beliefs in using great ingredients. Being a cancer survivor and just a human being, I want the best products in my home and on my boats. Azuna is just that!”

Azuna will launch monthly digital ads with Captain Sandy’s image as well as leveraging her massive audience across all social channels. Evan Morgenstein, CEO and founder of The Digital Renegades (Captain Sandy’s agency) saw this as the “perfect storm”, “I have known and worked with Scott for years. He is honorable and a really smart businessman. I know the power of Azuna as I use it in my home. When we first signed Sandy, there was no question Scott was my first call. The credibility of the products and the fact that it is all-natural really spoke to me for Sandy. Once we did our first call it was the perfect storm. I saw Sandy’s passion being a cancer survivor as well as an advocate to want to find a signature partnership that wasn’t just about payment but about the product. Azuna checked every box. We are going to make some waves in this industry.”

As Captain Sandy films all over the world she will bring her Azuna with her to help keep her air fresh and clean on land and at sea. Azuna is launching with a special, limited time only offer to celebrate this partnership with a 15% discount when you visit their website www.azunafresh.com and use the code SANDY15.

For more information about this partnership, products or Captain Sandy contact Evan Morgenstein at [email protected] or Linkedin with him at (1) Evan Morgenstein | LinkedIn.

SOURCE CelebExperts

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