The world’s highest-rated free fishing app introduced Fishial Recognition™ to its robust sport-fishing platform with its latest app update. Fishial Artificial Intelligence is positioned to revolutionize the fishing and conservation industries by automating the process of confirming and logging catches.

With over 33,000 species scientifically described, and more being discovered each year, identifying species accurately can be a challenge. Yet, knowing which species anglers catch is critical to ensuring the conservation of productive recreational fisheries for present and for future generations.

That’s why FishAngler is excited to announce the Fishial Recognition™ integration with its latest app update. Like facial recognition, Fishial’s Artificial Intelligence isolates fish traits from images to help users identify species.

“We have worked with the Fishial.AI project to help develop the world’s largest open-source fish image library to facilitate species identification. Fishial Recognition™ will be a fundamental technology that will fuel the advancement of education, new species identification, invasive and fish tracking, and fishery management.” Says Thomas Wye, CEO, FishAngler.

Before this update, anglers manually sorted through options to choose a species when logging their catch. Now, users are suggested the most appropriate species during the catch-logging process.