Innovic Technology is Set to Foster Digital Transformation Progress with Leading DICT Solutions


Faced with the rapid pace of digitalisation, businesses are speeding up their digital transformation journey with cutting-edge digital technologies. This has become critical for businesses to increase operational efficiency and maintain leading positions in competitive markets. In response to the growing needs from public and private organisations for digitalisation, Innovic Technology Corporation Limited (“Innovic Technology”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Telecom Global Limited (“China Telecom Global”), is dedicated to focusing on the development of its DICT businesses to power customers’ digital ambitions.

Adhering to the “Cloudification and Digital Transformation” strategy, Innovic Technology leverages its extensive global cloud resources and rich industry experiences to unleash its R&D capabilities and specialities in DICT integration services. With more than 30 self-owned cloud nodes and 230 international Points-of-Presence (PoPs) worldwide, Innovic Technology accelerates digital transformation for customers and partners across a range of industries, including Government, Finance, Internet, Manufacturing, Retail, and more.

To enable customers to navigate the ever-changing market conditions, Innovic Technology offers a wide selection of digital solutions to help businesses stay ahead of the curve. These include global intelligent cloud-network services, MSP public cloud ecosystem services and hybrid cloud integration services to facilitate overseas and local operations. Through a comprehensive portfolio of integrated products and services, Innovic Technology delivers greater value to customers by building a reliable digital ecosystem to accelerate business development.

“As an integration of DT (Data Technology), IT (Information Technology), and CT (Communication Technology), DICT is critical for business development in the era of the Internet and Big Data,” said Mr. Tan Yijun, Chairman of Innovic Technology. “This is particularly true when we think about how it revolutionised the way we work, adapting workloads and applications from different work scenarios intelligently. The pandemic has sped up global digitalisation by approximately five to seven years, and we predict that this accelerated pace will continue. As a result, industrial transformations will be a predominant factor for businesses’ future development, and enterprises must consider integrating digitalisation in all business aspects and building a solid digital foundation through a full suite of DICT solutions.”

With the vision to become a leading DICT service provider in Asia-Pacific, Innovic Technology is eyeing the Greater Bay Area and is set to strengthen its capabilities to support customers and partners to undergo the digital transformation journey through telecommunication and information technology infrastructures. Innovic Technology will also continue to look for market opportunities and extend its footprint to other major markets across Asia in the next five years.

Mr. Tan also stated that, “Cutting-edge digital solutions are crucial for public and private organisations to stay ahead in competitive markets. Therefore, businesses should be on top of their digital processes to fully unleash the potential of DICT technology. Driven by the wide application of telecommunication technologies, the market size of the DICT industry is expected to continue to grow, DICT technologies will further advance, and cloud network technology, virtual technology and intelligent technology will be the core of the future development of DICT solutions. We will continue to develop our advantages in service capabilities, R&D capabilities and professional talents, and act as a reliable partner to support our customers to seize every opportunity in the digital transformation journey.”

Going forward, Innovic Technology will closely focus on production chain and product R&D by introducing disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to strengthen business efficiency. Leveraging an open and comprehensive digital ecosystem for all industries, we are set to expedite the digital transformation worldwide.

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