Signaling a significant AI market trend, an elite group of SaaS companies are embedding AI into their products with the goal of improving business outcomes for their customers. A new report from Omdia has ranked the inaugural list of the world’s most AI-forward SaaS companies. Achieving the top rank is Adobe with Salesforce, SAP, AWS and Google Cloud rounding out the top five.

“SaaS companies who embed AI are in themselves world-class AI companies,” said Mark Beccue, Principal Analyst, Omdia, “They are achieving better business results for their products using AI which is literally under the hood.”

Following extensive review of the market, Adobe receives top billing due to its successful operational AI model which includes 1) commitment to, and patience with, AI from the C-suite and 2) taking a business-first approach to AI investment.

The world’s most AI-forward SaaS companies are an eclectic mix of hyperscalers, focused SaaS players and established technology vendors. Some are specialists, some are generalists in their offerings; some are cloud-native while others are undergoing digital transformations.

The report from Omdia ranked vendors using a composite metric – a percentage of a company’s SaaS revenue which included embedded AI (60% of the metric) and the value of that SaaS revenue (40% of the metric).

The newly released report from Omdia, Embedded AI: The world’s most AI-forward SaaS companies examines two interrelated themes: 1) A key market trend –Embedded AI SaaS as an increasingly attractive option for enterprises to drive business outcomes with AI; and 2) the DNA of AI-forward SaaS.  The report strives to answer the following questions: Who are these AI SaaS leaders? How are they embedding AI to create better outcomes for their customers? What AI lessons can be learned by their competitors and by enterprises at large? How will being AI-forward impact these SaaS companies’ paths?

Download a copy here.