Ontotext is thrilled to invite you to the Ontotext Demo Day that will take place on May 12, at 9 AM EDT / 3 PM CEST.

Ontotext Demo Day is a 4-hour virtual event showcasing product updates and new offerings. Save the date and learn about the new GraphDB 10 cluster, the new Metadata Studio and our tooling for data reconciliation and semantic tagging!

Several vertical solutions will be presented: from Target discovery (Pharma) to Transparency graph (Energy) and Company graph (Financial Services). The latter demonstrates bootstrapping of a proof-of-value knowledge graph, which leverages an existing ontology (FIBO) and third-party reference data (GLEI) to smarten up proprietary data.

The event is suitable for a wide range of personas:

  1. Enterprise architects and data management professionals
  2. Data scientists, NLP engineers and graph analytics experts
  3. GraphDB users and semantic technology enthusiasts
  4. Knowledge workers and non-technical SMEs

Save your spot for May 12 and register now