OptraHEALTH and Beilinson Hospital (Clalit Health), Israel, announce GeneFAX Pilot for Genetic Counseling


OptraHEALTH in partnership with Gamidor Diagnostics (Israel) is starting a research project with Beilinson Hospital, part of the Clalit Health, and Tel Aviv University. The Raphael Recanati Genetics Institute at Beilinson Hospital aims to assess the improvement in the quality of care at scale for the patient population in Israel.

The use of technology is inevitable in genetic testing given the increasing number of genetic tests and volume of data. OptraHEALTHs GeneFAX brings better engagement, experience, and conversationality to genetics at unprecedented levels. Beilinson Hospital will conduct a research study for its patients undergoing genetic counseling and education, an important aspect for patients to make informed decisions. As part of this study, Beilinson Hospital will send GeneFAX virtual assistants to patients and assess the quality, time, and scale of genetic counseling sessions using GeneFAX.

On this occasion, Prof. Lina Basel Salmon (Head of Department, Genetics Institute) from Beilinson Hospital said, “Digital platforms assist in education of patients and help them to prepare for genetic counseling sessions. In addition, such tools facilitate the disclosure of testing results in a personalized and an understandable way.”

GeneFAX is a unique solution that enables any patient to conversationally obtain information. Dr. Ashwin Kotwaliwale MD Ph.D., Medical Director, OptraHEALTH said, “GeneFAX is trusted by many large US labs, and we are excited to make GeneFAX available to our partners in Israel. GeneFAX empowers patients to make accurate health choices by providing a seamless experience.”

Gamidor Diagnostics is supporting the pilot in the region as the adoption of genetic testing services powered by technology is gaining wider adoption. Amichai Cnaan of Gamidor Diagnostics said, “We are excited to evaluate advanced digital genetic counseling tools with OptraHEALTH and our customers for a better patient’s treatment and accessibility to advanced preconception carrier screening and hereditary cancer testing.”

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