NJ Group Launches First Italian-American QSR Eatery at NTU That Serves Baked Pasta Within 3 Minutes


NJ Group, a company that specialises in service experience and hospitality solutions launches its first Italian-American Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) concept eatery, Zitimama’s at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). With this launch, consumers can now enjoy fresh, Italian-American-style baked pasta, in just three minutes.

Being the first Italian-American QSR concept in Singapore, Zitimama’s is a testament to NJ Group’s mission, which is to create a business model that is a combination of food, service and the right infusion of technology and providing new and out-of-the-box intelligence solutions.

The new QSR eatery concept allows Zitimama’s to push the boundaries of customer experience even further with its unique digital features. This concept does not require much manpower to operate, with a maximum of just three staff members needed at a time, which could help ease the manpower crunch faced by the F&B industry.

NJ Group prides themselves on their ‘NJ Dining Experience’, which prioritises excellent service and a warm welcoming ambience for all guests at NJ Group’s establishments. Beyond their priorities in customer focused experiences, NJ Group recognises human-facilitated issues that obstruct the service industry from growth, they embrace out-of-the-box intelligent solutions to improve the service & hospitality industry as a whole.

“We are excited to deliver even more value to our new and existing customers with our unique, innovative, and crafted experiences through a conceptualised and forward-looking approach. Zitimama’s brings instant value-add to consumers and business owners and will be a significant disruptor in the F&B, service and technology space,” said Neelendra, founder of NJ Group.

Upon stepping into Zitimama’s, an avatar senses your presence, springing into life to greet you with its menu and promotions. This process will be standardised across, to ensure a uniform customer experience. In just 5 easy steps, customers can choose their desired pasta, sauce and ingredients according to their budget, which will be displayed upon order.

The current menu offers three different types of sauces including marinara, tomato cashew nut and cream sauce, along with five proteins, and up to seven types of vegetables at an affordable range between $5.80 to $8.40 per approximately 380g. On top of that, Zitimama’s will offer a new fusion sauce every season to their customers as a surprise treat but most importantly, to keep things fresh, new and seasonal. This season, it’s Chicken Tikka gravy.

Zitimama’s has plans to expand with another outlet in Singapore and two new outlets in New Zealand and India before the end of 2022.

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