Corporate Visions Integrates AI-Driven Sales Coaching Software into New Story and Skills Training, Practice and Proficiency Solution


Corporate Visions, the leading provider of sales enablement research, consulting, and training, announced it is partnering with Second Nature, an AI-driven sales coaching software, to provide a new service for ensuring your commercial teams practice and demonstrate proficiency on key messaging and customer conversation skills. The new service, called “Fluency Coaching AI,” will help companies drive adoption and ensure consistency and quality, without relying on managers who typically don’t have the time or desire to review hours of recorded sales calls or role-play conversations.

“It’s time to get systematic about sales coaching, and do it quickly at scale,” says Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer of Corporate Visions. “AI-driven sales coaching software can now listen, interact, score, and coach reps in real time, so they can improve on their own. The software documents that feedback for managers to review and subsequently tailor their coaching approaches.”

Fluency Coaching AI will be offered to Corporate Visions’ clients who build new messaging and want to certify sellers to perform at a certain level of proficiency. It will also be incorporated into skills training reinforcement with interactive simulations between sellers and an intelligent AI persona who provides detailed coaching and scoring based on live conversations.

“We used to offer this program with our expert human consultants, reviewing submissions and providing documented feedback. But many of our clients need to do this at speed and scale, getting thousands of reps proficient in days and in a more cost-effective manner,” Riesterer says. “Now, we train the AI with some best examples of the client’s message or skills, and it does the rest. Capturing, measuring, and providing coaching on knowledge accuracy, message and skill fidelity, as well as providing a score for delivery performance.”

“It’s a perfect partnership,” said Second Nature CEO and Co-founder Ariel Hitron. “Corporate Visions helps companies develop new stories and skills to drive strategic initiatives, while Second Nature’s immersive simulation platform enables individual reps to practice whenever and wherever they want. With this partnership, companies gain increased confidence to turn strategic initiatives into sales practices that drive results.”

Learn how Zoom uses AI to provide effective, cost-efficient sales coaching at scale in this Fluency Coaching AI webinar.

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