GeeTest announces the launch of new products under the GeeTest product line, the 4th generation of GeeTest CAPTCHA – Adaptive CAPTCHA, which deals with AI-powered bots with AI and ML models. It provides an intelligent, accurate, and user-friendly replacement for legacy CAPTCHA systems and ensures both ease of use and security in every interaction.

The GeeTest Adaptive CAPTCHA‘s most innovative feature is the 7-layer dynamic protection with up to 4,374 security strategies in one cycle, increasing the absolute attack cost of attackers by 3.714 times by adapting to various bot attacks through dynamic and active security strategies in real-time.

7-layer dynamic protection:

  • Layer 1: JS acquisition
  • Layer 2: Return parameters
  • Layer 3: Risk database
  • Layer 4: CAPTCHA type
  • Layer 5: CAPTCHA difficulty
  • Layer 6: Behavior algorithm
  • Layer 7: server-side parameter encryption

Meanwhile,GeeTest v4 offers dynamical and active protection. It’s equipped with many first-time function additions , including multi-dimensional disaster-tolerant design, intelligent identification system for abnormal behavior and customizable CAPTCHA types and difficulty. Customer  Dashboard has also been upgraded to an intelligent and modular operating system, which is tailored service and operation for various events. GeeTest v4  also boasts real-time risk detection and settings at a glance, removing the need for manual docking and communication.

GeeTest  Adaptive CAPTCHA provides up to 5 CAPTCHA forms, which are adaptive to more events for your business and the system supports the CAPTCHA form setting at any time that takes effect immediately. You can also set up CAPTCHA difficulty, and specify a period to customize CAPTCHA challenge frequency. GeeTest Adaptive CAPTCHA decision-making model will train itself and update the models regularly.

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