One of Hong Kong’s most reputable digital asset exchange- (Hong Kong Digital Asset Exchange) is elated to announce the successful acquisition of majority shares Blockchain.News, a well-known international blockchain news media. The strategic partnership will help Blockchain.News develop its Web3.0 infrastructure, and expand business landscape at the same time. After the acquisition, Blockchain.News will focus on developing “MediaFi” and “MediaDAO”, as well as implementing a Tokenized Model and NFT elements, transforming to a Web3.0 Media News Outlet.

Hong Kong Digital Asset Exchange announced a strategic acquisition of a well-known Blockchain Media Company, Blockchain.News. aims to empower Blockchain.News and enhance its existing infrastructure to Web3.0 after the acquisition of half of its shares. Blockchain.News will become a more resourceful and agile Decentralized Blockchain News Media. Users will have the freedom to write and create articles that they own digitally, in the form of an NFT.

Via the ability to mint “NFT Articles”, Blockchain.News will enable true ownership and authenticity of its content, which may protect writers and readers alike. The DAO infrastructure will be beneficial for the future growth of Blockchain.News with its plans to “sponsor” and “reward” protocol tokens to its active writers.

After the protocol upgrade, Blockchain.News will form a MediaDAO, enabling the community to verify and participate within the platform. With aims to encourage creators, they will be able to “Write-to-Earn” by publishing quality content; Readers will also be rewarded protocol tokens by creating traffic for the website which encourages a “Read-and-Earn” incentive. Both writers and readers will be mutually benefited after Blockchain.News Web3.0 enhancement, metamorphosing it to a Decentralized Blockchain Media Platform.

Introduction of

Hong Kong Digital Asset Exchange ( established in 2019, aims to accelerate the growth of digital asset adoption. are equipped with Hong Kong TCSP license; US MSB license; Canada MSB license; Australia Austrac license. offers an ever-evolving Exchange Application and Spot Trading Platform. follows a progressive roadmap and has various existing services that will lead to mass adoption such as Fiat On-off Ramp, OTC Service, NFT Marketplace, Cryptocurrency ATM and POS Machines. holds regular seminars on different blockchain centric topics, and aims to create a vibrant Crypto Community, first in Hong Kong then gradually immerse into surrounding nations.

Introduction of Blockchain.News

Blockchain.News is a world renowned Blockchain Media Company that aims to continuously upgrade its service, and innovate new use cases by applying blockchain technology. Blockchain.News is an international company, with members from Hong Kong, ChinaAustraliaCanadaIndia, America and other Nations. Moreover, Blockchain.News is an official media outlet and forum for blockchain news, also it is an important medium for many different Blockchain and Fintech events such as Hong Kong Fintech Week, a partner of InvestHK and more.

SOURCE Hong Kong Digital Asset Exchange