Quality and trust-focused Turkish automotive industry, “the most ideal partner” for United Kingdom


Having over half a century of experience in both production and supply, a qualified, young and dynamic workforce, a capacity to manufacture in high-quality standards, and competitive pricing, The Turkish automotive industry is a trusted partner in the global automotive industry.

Turkey is currently the world’s 14th largest manufacturer with 1.3 million units and Europe’s 2nd largest commercial vehicle manufacturer. Based on Eurostat, Turkey has exported over 1 million vehicles to EU countries in 2019, and it is the biggest motor vehicle exporter to the EU.

Hosting some of the production for well-known international automotive brands, including Ford, Mercedes, MAN, Hyundai, Toyota, Fiat and Renault, Turkey is also recognized for manufacturing commercial vehicles. It is  one of the most prolific bus manufacturers in the world and ranks number one in Europe. Bus brands manufactured here include MAN and Mercedes-Benz, in addition to world-recognized Turkish brands, such as Karsan. Since 2000, OEMs have invested over 15 billion USD in their operations in Turkey.

Leading the Industry in Green Deal Compliance

As one of the most important commercial partners of the EU, compliance to the European Green Deal has gained great importance for Turkey during the last period. The Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters’ Association (OİB), the Turkish automotive industry’s only export coordinator, has been conducting significant work on compliance to the Green Deal. Chairman of the Board at OİB, Baran Çelik, states, “We are taking steps to improve Turkey’s compliance to the global value chain, and to increase its share in international investments. As a country that makes almost 80% of its automotive exports to European countries, we are planning on leading a 3-year project on increasing international competitiveness, titled Green Transformation in the Automotive Industry. Moreover, we are aiming to mitigate the negative effects of the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism that will be put into effect as part of the European Green Deal and help our exporters in making the necessary improvements.”

The Turkish automotive supplier industry can quickly adapt to the technological transformation

Albert Saydam, Chairman of the Board at TAYSAD, the Automotive Suppliers Association of Turkey, which is the sole representative of the Turkish automotive supply industry, states, “The automotive industry is experiencing a global transformation with the introduction of artificial intelligence, autonomous driving technology and electrical vehicles. New period, new rules, a new concept… The world is constantly changing, leaving us with more unknowns. As an automotive country, Turkey has the power to quickly adapt to this transformation thanks to its qualified workforce, its sound production and supply infrastructure, and strong competency and potential.”

A stronger period ahead for England and Turkey

With its know-how in production and supply and highly-qualified experts in the automotive industry, Turkey is interested in supporting automotive producing countries more strongly as of 2022, particularly England.

The Free Trade Agreement signed between Turkey and the UK on the last day of last year is significant, as it allows both parties to continue enjoying the benefits of tariff-free trading.

TOGG will strengthen the industry even more

Turkey’s Automobile Joint Venture Group Inc. (TOGG) further demonstrates that Turkey’s automotive and supplier industry is a strong player in the global digital transformation… Planned to be launched in 2022, Turkey’s domestic electric automobile, TOGG, will turn the Turkish automotive industry into a global leader that actively shapes the transformation in the sector with its innovative technologies.

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