Strider Technologies Expands Operations to Europe, Dennis Murphy Joins as Executive Vice President


Strider Technologies, Inc. (“Strider”), the leading provider of Economic Statecraft Intelligence, announced today it is expanding operations to Europe with the opening of a London office and the hiring of Intelligence Community veteran, Dennis Murphy, as Executive Vice President.

Since launching in May 2019, Strider has established itself as the leading provider of proprietary data and software platform enabling Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and research institutions to identify, assess, and respond to nation-state directed activities targeting their personnel, intellectual property (IP), and supply chains.

Throughout 2021, Strider has experienced over 500 percent year-over-year growth and market traction in the United Kingdom and continental Europe, as companies and governments recognize the need to protect their technology and supply chains more effectively in a new environment of geopolitical competition. With this expansion, Strider will be able to support international clients more readily as they confront these emerging risks and compliance requirements.

Helping to lead this expansion, Strider has hired Dennis Murphy as Executive Vice President. In this role, Dennis will drive Strider’s engagements with clients in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe.

“With nearly three decades of experience at the executive levels of Canadian intelligence agencies and strong relationships within the international security and intelligence community, Dennis is the perfect fit to help drive our efforts in the U.K. and beyond,” said Greg Levesque, Co-founder & CEO of Strider. “We are thrilled to have him formally join our team as we expand our presence to protect the innovation of organizations and countries across the free world.”

“I am very proud to join Strider. Its innovative capabilities are truly ahead of the curve, enabling companies and governments to protect themselves against nation-state competitors,” said Murphy. “Strider fills a major security and intelligence capability gap for private organizations and government agencies around the world. I look forward to engaging with Strider and their clients to help secure their talent and innovation from nation-state adversaries.”

Before retiring from the Government of Canada’s Communications Security Establishment (CSE) in 2018, Dennis spent 27 years conducting and leading operational activities across the national security spectrum. In his final role with CSE, Dennis served as Director of Partnerships where he oversaw the creation and subsequent leadership of a new CSE directorate charged with managing critical domestic and foreign partnerships with intelligence, law enforcement, and defense-related organizations.

Previously, Murphy served as CSE’s senior liaison in the U.K. from 2013 to 2017 where he was responsible for managing strategic relationships with the U.K.’s intelligence community focused on intelligence and cyber operations. Earlier in his career, Murphy served as Chairman of an international executive board that established intelligence cooperation amongst its members on counter-terrorism, cyber defense, and the management of a common technical infrastructure.

Most recently, Mr. Murphy has provided threat consultancy services to organizations across the energy, insurance, and legal sectors in the U.K. and the United States.

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