Webtel.mobi to Be Revalued to Include Global Value of Its TUV Digital Currency – Significant Value Appreciation Is Anticipated

NEW YORK, Oct. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global Telephony Provider Webtel.mobi (“WM”) is in the process of appointing an external consultancy to revalue the company.

This is the first of two revaluations of WM that will take place within the next six months, with this first revaluation to include WM’s reconfigured TUV Global Digital Currency. The second will revalue the Company once its Gold-Backed “Secured TUV” and programmable “Smart TUV” are released in Q1 2022.

The previous valuation of WM by the Global Consultancy Frost & Sullivan – completed in April/May 2021, after the conclusion of the research on the WM System by the Levy Economics Institute, and after the 30+ worldwide due diligences the Company had undergone – saw Frost & Sullivan value WM at just over USD 224 Billion, with its shares valued at just over USD 252.00 per share. However, the impending revaluations have the potential to increase this value substantially.

This is due to the increased breadth, scope, and volumes of markets the reconfigured TUV Digital Currency gives access to, in which it provides significant advantages over all other facilities in those markets. These include the ten largest markets in the world by transaction volumes – each of which has transactions in the USD Trillions per day.

This increase in access to the transaction volumes of the Global FX Market, Global Settlements Market, and multiple other markets – combined with WM’s low running costs and zero debt position – provide a solid platform from which WM will be able to increase its share of those very large markets.

Previously, when WM was operating worldwide with its Platform 1, its self-restricted operations did not provide access to the TUV to an unrestricted market. However, with its new Platform 2, its operations have now been recommended in an unrestricted manner worldwide, in conjunction with WM’s Global Clearing System.

The TUV Digital Currency – the first global, operational, multicurrency Digital Currency combining the safety and security of Digital Currency with the convenience and ubiquitous use as cash – provides significant advantages of low to zero cost and increased speed and security for virtually every transaction that exists. It also acts as a hedge against inflation or currency depreciation.

Although WM was previously granted eligibility to carry out a Main Board listing on one of the top 5 major Stock Exchanges worldwide, it does not plan to carry out a Stock Exchange listing. This is because Stock Exchanges – which are all private companies – are primarily owned by companies that WM’s TUV Digital Currency, Global Clearing System and other facilities will potentially have a significant effect on. As such, WM deems it a risk to list on Exchanges owned by them.

However, to compensate for this, WM created a “Share Swap” facility on its platform, where WM Shareholders and Members of WM can buy and sell shares between themselves.

Although this is neither a public market nor available to the public (it is a Closed-Loop Members-Only Market), it is free to join WM as a Member, and therefore any persons worldwide who join WM as a Member can acquire WM Shares from the Share Swap facility – creating an internal market within WM’s Members-Only Closed-Loop environment.

Moreover, the Share Swap facility provides a PP2P facility for Share sales and acquisitions – also at zero cost for the trade, and with complete security. The operation of the Share Swap Platform is furthermore supervised by WM’s Resident Agent and Registrar firm in Guernsey, to ensure third-party oversight of all Share Swap transactions.

The Share Swap facility is already fully-operational, and persons have already been signing up as WM Members to acquire WM Shares from it, so there is no need for WM to carry out a listing on any Stock Exchange to create a market for acquisition of its shares from existing Shareholders (if they wish to sell).

The appointment of the external firm to carry out the first revaluation is almost complete, and the first of the two revaluations is expected to be completed in late Q4 2021, with the second revaluation taking place in Q1 2022 after the worldwide release of the Gold-Backed “Secured TUV” and Programmable “Smart TUV”.

Other than the Secured TUV and Smart TUV, the other new facilities – already in various stages of completion – that WM will be releasing in 2022 comprise the following:

  • SCRM Machines

    A global centrally-controlled network of cash-kiosks – known as Stored Credit Refund Machines (“SCRMs”), that provide access to refunds of Stored Credit held in TUV Digital Currency by primarily Unbanked Persons worldwide.
  • Global Emergency Service

    A global centrally-controlled warning system by text message for impending natural disasters (Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Tornados, etc.). This is a Community-Support facility that will be free of charge to Members. It sends warning messages to persons in the area of an impending natural disaster anywhere in the world – whether they are resident there, or visitors on holiday or business. A facility such as this on a global basis that includes residents and visitors in an area does not yet exist, but as WM has the global capacity to implement this system, it will do so as a free service.
  • Personal Emergency Service

    A global centrally-controlled Request for Assistance service for when persons are in situations of personal danger and require immediate assistance. This system sends a text message to the mobile phones of all persons selected by the member from their address list – and to law enforcement and/or emergency services if selected – informing them the Member is in immediate danger and requires immediate assistance. A link from which to track the Member’s mobile phone online is included in the message. There are two methods of operation of this system. The first is for where the Member is in such immediate danger that there is no time to type a message. In this case, a single link is clicked on that sends out a pre-written message by the Member immediately – together with the link to track the phone. The second is if there is time to type the message before sending it to the selected contact list with the link to track the phone. A Facility such as this on a global basis does not yet exist, but as WM has the global capacity to implement this system, it will do so as a free service.

WM’s Artificial Intelligence Complex Adaptive System that powers the WM system was built in a modular format, enabling the rapid reconfiguration of existing parts of the system to replicate other services if required.

As such, there were – and are – many more service types that could have been – and could be – added to WM’s wide range of existing Facilities.

However, as the WM Global Clearing System and TUV Digital Currency combination already provide the Members of the Company – and the Company – lower cost, higher speed, and higher security access to the world’s ten largest markets by volume and value – as well as to the majority of transactions existing worldwide for FX Conversion, Payments, Transfer, Settlement, and other related activities – WM has no short-term plans to release any further facilities other than the ones already listed.

This is because the sizes of the markets that WM has first-mover and potentially sector-influencing capacities in by virtue of its existing facilities are so large, there is no need to add any further services or facilities to its existing suite.

Consequently, WM will rather be focusing on increasing its global VSMP and Member numbers from the current 228 Million to many times more that, as it continues to expand worldwide in 2022.


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