Ketamine One Features Biostrap as Part of Inaugural Research Studies

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — KetamineOne Capital Limited (“Ketamine One” or the “Company”) (NEO: MEDI) (OTC: KONEF) (Frankfurt: MY0), a company focused on consolidating medical clinics and becoming a North American leader in mental health treatments, is pleased to announce that it will be conducting its previously announced single arm, observational, biometric research studies (the “Research Studies”) in association with Biostrap USA, LLC (“Biostrap”) across multiple locations in Canada and the United States. Biostrap offers clinically validated wearable devices and a remote monitoring platform that utilizes science-driven artificial intelligence (“AI”) in combination with state-of-the-art health analytics and personalized actionable insights.

The Research Studies are the first of their kind and will involve the collection of real-time, advanced data from 200 patients to gain insights into depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Biostrap’s devices measure oxygen saturation, respiration rate, heart rate variability, heart rate, sleep analysis, arterial health, and more. The data derived from the Research Studies will be analyzed with the aim of identifying biometric signatures that arise over the course of ketamine treatments, which may eventually aid physicians in making better dosage and timing decisions as well as reducing the chance of relapse for their patients.

Upon completion of the Research Studies, Ketamine One will have the opportunity to implement a proprietary interactive dashboard and data management tool. It will have the ability to analyze, monitor and visually display key ketamine treatment outcomes, while allowing clinicians to interact with the data and enabling them to make well-informed decisions. Clinicians will have the ability to track patient biometrics, medically validate outcomes, and become informed of AI-based depression predictions in order to enhance the treatment experience while increasing patient safety.

Becoming a more data-driven mental health organization will enable Ketamine One to produce better treatment outcomes and leverage it as a competitive advantage in the market. In preparation for the rollout of Biostrap’s clinically validated wearable devices, the Company has implemented advanced endpoint exploit and ransomware protection and other network security solutions to ensure data privacy and the security of patient information. Ketamine One staff have also undergone HIPAA training and certification, and the Company is fully compliant with data privacy and security standards in the United States and Canada.

Management Commentary

“While various studies have validated the efficacy of Ketamine therapy for the treatment of mood disorders including depression, few to none have characterized the individual physiological responses associated,” said Kevin Longoria, Chief Science Officer at Biostrap. “By incorporating clinically validated digital health technology such as the Biostrap, researchers have the ability to better understand the dose-response relationship on the path to developing precision treatment protocols to optimize patient outcomes and safety. The potential of this relationship goes beyond research with practical applications related to early detection of physiological changes that may prompt follow-up treatments,” added Longoria.

“The advent of AI and machine learning algorithms has spurred incredible advances in the predictive power of wearable health tracking devices and neurocognitive tests. The convergence of these technologies with patient-reported outcomes via mobile apps now provides a wealth of data that was not available to physicians even a few years ago,” said Adam Deffett, Interim CEO of Ketamine One. “We are excited to conduct the Research Studies and I would like to thank Biostrap for their involvement and support thus far. This is a significant opportunity to work together to learn more about depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, and also work towards a purpose driven digital therapeutic tool,” added Mr. Deffett.


Biostrap is a science-driven platform developed to improve and optimize human health. Facilitating data collection through a proprietary and clinically reliable wrist-worn device, Biostrap utilizes machine learning to provide actionable data to improve sleep, recovery and performance. Biostrap analyzes each heartbeat for 29 unique parameters on its secure servers to ensure data reliability. Biostrap is referenced in 14 publications and has 22 clinical studies validating its biometric measurements against gold standard medical diagnostics and use cases in specific medical conditions. Providing an individualized approach to consumers via an app and web dashboard, Biostrap also delivers customizable remote monitoring solutions for medical, clinical and fitness professionals. With its Biostrap Labs research division, Biostrap offers wellness companies the opportunity to validate the efficacy of their products and services in a real-world setting.

For further information about Biostrap, contact Klaudia Balogh, Media Manager, by email at [email protected] or visit its website at


KetamineOne Capital Limited is a company focused on consolidating medical clinics and becoming a North American leader in mental health treatments. It is working to provide the critical infrastructure needed to develop and deliver breakthrough mental health treatments. Currently, Ketamine One has a network of clinics across North America, with plans to further consolidate the highly fragmented industry. The recent addition of KGK Science Inc. as the Company’s contract research division also places the company at the forefront of premium clinical research based on its extensive experience in pharmaceuticals, cannabis, and the emerging psychedelic medicine industries. As a collective enterprise, Ketamine One is dedicated to helping solve the growing need for safe and accessible mental health therapy.

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