New York, Oct. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Quartile, the artificial intelligence and machine learning-powered ad optimization platform for leading e-commerce marketplace sellers, is launching its new Margin Optimization tool. This new offering accurately predicts profit margin to maximize ad spend to achieve a truly scalable and profitable business.

The current industry standard of optimization metrics of ACoS, ROAS, and campaign budget as leading indicators for business success are only proxies. Margin Optimization goes beyond that, enabling E-commerce sellers to predict their go-to-market costs and act on those predictions in real-time, obtaining the desired profit margin by considering all costs involved in every sale. The feature provides more control and understanding of the size of scale it takes to operate at a particular margin reducing the need to expend large sums of their ad budget based solely on a leading indicator.

“E-commerce advertising optimization is typically executed in a vacuum of marketing expenses and the corresponding sales. However, the reality is that a lot more goes into every sale than just marketing and sales. Many expenses are fixed regardless of investment; some are variable with scale. When you can predict all expenses for every potential sale in real-time. You get a more realistic view of obtaining the real goal, which is a healthy profit margin. Quartile predicts profit margin to maximize ad spend.” said Nick Talbert, Head of Marketing at Quartile.

Specific Features of Margin Optimization

  • Autonomous Forecasting – Quartile will persistently estimate future costs per unit and the likelihood of any ad placement (Amazon Search Engine Results Pages) to result in a sale. Those factors, among others, are quantified, and the results guide the optimal CPC bidding patterns. 
  • Margin Goals Set Per ASIN – Increased ad spend for new product launches, running negative margin to spur sales and climb best-sellers lists, without disrupting the margin goals of other ASINs
  • Profit/Loss Budget Prediction – Finally, answer the question, “How much will I need to spend on Amazon to achieve my desired profit margin?”


Quartile is an artificial intelligence and machine learning-powered ad optimization platform for leading e-commerce marketplace sellers, such as Amazon, Walmart.com, and Instacart. Quartile’s advertising technology uses proprietary technology and six patented algorithms to make decisions based on accurate data for improved performance and growth. Bringing retail and digital media campaigns together via one platform, optimizing product sales, lowering the advertising cost of sale(ACoS), and improving margin. The Quartile platform is an easy-to-use dashboard that equips sellers with the ability to manage their retail media in every marketplace, enabling them to optimize campaigns at the product level to maximize sales.



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