MILPITAS, Calif., Oct. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Resilinc Corporation, the world’s leading supply chain monitoring, mapping, and resiliency solution is pleased to announce the launch of Resilinc WeatherWatchAI, the first-of-its-kind product that monitors for localized weather phenomenon including advisories, watches, and warnings.

The product leverages Resilinc’s proprietary artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology to monitor for 50+ types of weather alerts issued from local and federal agencies. Once an advisory or warning is flagged by WeatherWatchAI the customer is immediately notified of the weather event. This gives the customer ample lead-time to communicate with suppliers in the affected area and plan mitigation activities via its WarRoom (an online collaboration area where customers can communicate with suppliers). WeatherWatchAI is currently the only monitoring solution available that tracks and alerts for warnings, watches, advisories, and statements related to local weather.

“Just because it’s an early weather advisory doesn’t mean the event won’t pack a punch to your supply chain,” said Shahzaib Khan, Senior Director at Resilinc. “Being alerted to a heat advisory or a flood watch in a specific location, issued by official agency, gives an organization even more visibility into potential disruptions and how to mitigate them. Take a heat warning for example and how that might affect a company’s cold supply chain. By being aware of the excess heat expected in a certain geographic area, the company can plan for alternate transportation routes for trucks.”

Resilinc’s WeatherWatchAI can be tailored to a company’s unique supply chain risk management needs; the customization ensures greater visibility and ultimately, resiliency.

WeatherWatchAI is part of the EventWatchAI evolution and in support of Resilinc’s goal to bring unmatched supply chain risk management solutions to customers. Currently EventWatchAI monitors five million news, social, and government feeds across 189 countries and 100 languages. Artificial Intelligence removes the noise, so the news alerts are accurate. As of July 2021, the network included 300,000 supplier firms operating out of 620,000 sites – which are responsible for producing three million parts. This covers 95% of the global supply chain.

For more information about Resilinc’s products and services, please visit our Products Page.

About Resilinc

Resilinc is the world’s leading supply chain monitoring, mapping, and resiliency solution. Over 100 of the world’s leading organizations including IBM, General Motors, Amgen, and Western Digital rely on Resilinc’s AI-powered monitoring service to have visibility into potential supply chain disruption. Resilinc maps the supply chain multiple tiers deep, down to part, supplier and site levels, and exposes bottlenecks deep in sub-tier suppliers. Companies partner with Resilinc to protect revenue despite supply chain disruptions worldwide. For more information, visit us at


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