PD Theranostics, Inc., a Laidlaw Venture Partners Portfolio Company, Executes Term Sheet With Massachusetts General Hospital

NEW YORK, Sept. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Laidlaw Venture Partners (“LVP”), the venture capital arm of Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd., today announced that its portfolio company, PD Theranostics, Inc (PDTx), has signed a final term sheet with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) to secure enabling intellectual property to further develop the Company’s theranostic platform.

The intellectual property, developed at the Vaccine and Immunology Center at MGH, will allow PDTx to optimize and standardize its proprietary prognostic imaging workflows and predictive artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to enhance existing pathology results and provide novel predictive data designed to drive clinical decisions. This information, which may allow healthcare providers to better tailor treatments for their patients, is currently unavailable.

“PDTx is focused on refining, expanding, and integrating the data that various imaging modalities can provide,” said Patrick Gallagher, Chief Executive Officer of PD Theranostics, Inc., “This will allow PDTx to pinpoint the current state of specific cellular structures and predict how they are expected to change over time, providing a leading ‘prognosis’ indicator – versus today’s lagging ‘diagnosis’ indicator. Our AI will be leveraged to determine accurate staging of an individual’s disease and create a predictive patient mosaic that drives an appropriate, highly patient-specific, and efficacious treatment plan. We believe that our intellectual property strategy will drive the development of a broad portfolio of computational pathology applications.”

Dr. Mark Poznansky, scientific co-founder of PDTx added, “This intellectual property will support the efforts of PDTx to accelerate and expand its development of data-driven predictive AI solutions in solid tumors and infections, initially. Our goal is the generation of robust and reliable data that defines the stage and aggressiveness of disease in each patient. This technology has the potential to have a transformative impact on patient care by acquiring a vast amount of information from tissue biopsies that could more accurately inform clinical decision making.” Poznansky is also Director of the Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center at MGH, and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

PDTx has put experienced human capital and critical workflow equipment in place to create unique operational capabilities. The Company expects to leverage the considerable proof of concept work that has been completed in algorithm development and disease targets by initiating in-house testing in October 2021.

“The Company is excited to finalize the term sheet for this unique intellectual property,” said PDTx board of directors member and LVP founder James Ahern. “It affords us the opportunity to accelerate the execution of our innovative business model and the development of numerous potential clinical offerings that could change patient outcomes and create shareholder value.”

About PD Theranostics, Inc.

PD Theranostics is developing AI guided algorithms while leveraging proprietary workflows and methods utilizing imaging-based methodologies to diagnose and guide clinical decision making around specific targeted therapies and their efficacy in human disease states, including cancer, infectious diseases and complications of diabetes including diabetic foot ulcers. Please visit www.pdtheranostics.com for more information.

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