Hexaware Technologies and Passwerk/TRplus are collaborating to provide outcome based Managed Business Process Services (MBPS) in Belgium. Hexaware has decades of experience with managed business process services and will now hire as many people as possible with an autism spectrum profile via Passwerk/TRplus for its Belgium MBPS services.

Managed Business Process Services involves managing specific processes of the client organisation by acting as an extension of their organisation to deliver guaranteed outcome-based services. The services would be a combination of RPA- AI/ML, supported by manual services. Clients can expect higher efficiencies by way of high-quality localised services and lowered TCO assured by Hexaware’s decades of global experience in Managed Business Process Services. The services will support business processes across sectors such as Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Telecom, Retail, Manufacturing, Professional Services such as Financial Accounting, HR services, Sales and Marketing.

Vijay Lohitsa, Country Head and Senior Director at Hexaware Technologies, Belgium, is looking forward to this partnership and shares, “This way we can provide long term career opportunities to consultants with autism for processes and activities where we have built up a great deal of experience and expertise across sectors. Passwerk/TRplus’s excellent reputation seamlessly fits our goal of providing top-quality services to our clients. We are glad to serve the community with this unique model and are convinced that it will be received with open arms.”

Passwerk/TRplus is very happy about the collaboration! This makes it possible for them to recruit additional people with autism and offer them work in this new service. Nico De Cleen, CEO at Passwerk/TRplus, says, “Thanks to this partnership, we can come even further towards reaching our goal, namely, putting as many people with autism to work in a regular economic working environment as possible. This new, innovative service model is unique both in Belgium and abroad. Thanks to this partnership, Hexaware is making a difference for people with autism.”