BrightHR launches a real-time HR support and compliance AI platform for SMEs

A first of its kind real-time HR support and compliance AI platform has been launched today by BrightHR, the international HR software and support service. The platform is powered by Bright Intelligence, the industry’s first AI driven advice engine and it aims to provide reliable, accurate, and free business advice and answers to SMEs.

The advice engine leverages over 20 million HR queries and is ready wherever and whenever needed. Employers, directors, or senior managers can simply type their questions about an HR issue into Bright Lightning to get instant and accurate answers.

Alan Price, CEO at BrightHR, says: “We are living in unprecedented times. The last 18 months have been incredibly hard for businesses of all sizes, especially SME’s. Never has it been more important or harder for business owners to stay on top of the ever-changing world of HR, so we’ve developed Bright Lightning as a way of giving back. We understand how tough it is for SME’s – we were one ourselves – so have set out to develop tools and technology to help business owners sleep at night.

“We’ve logged millions of calls over the years and noticed certain themes developing. That gave us the idea for Bright Lightning – and our developers have worked hard to build the AI platform containing answers to thousands of the most commonly sought-after pieces of HR advice. We truly believe that Bright Lightning will be a game changer for the business community and become an essential tool in the armoury of all successful businesses.”

Andy Reid owns REDS café in Rainford, North West. He has been a BrightHR client for 4 years and says: “As a small business owner, there’s not enough hours in the day for me to be picking up the phone for every issue I encounter. Having access to instant answers at your fingertips will be an absolute gamechanger for business owners like me. Bright Lightning is another example of BrightHR putting SME’s first, giving us the support we need to succeed, saving us time, money and a whole lot of stress.”

Link to the Bright Lightning platform:

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